Joe Biden Tries To Pass Himself Off as Pro Gun

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I’ve previously discussed how Joe Biden, the running mate of Barack Obama, is one of the most anti gun rights politicians in America.  Biden has called gun owners mentally unstable simply because they wish to own a gun (see this video clip), and has pushed for a variety of draconian gun bans.  Joe Biden is also highly rated by the leading anti gun rights groups.  Now, Biden is trying to pass himself off as a pro gun rights guy in order to get votes from gun owners:

At an annual fish fry with members of the United Mine Workers in Castlewood, Va., Biden claimed that he supported gun rights, and would not let Obama take his trapshooting shotgun.  In making this statement, he was attempting to cover up his anti gun rights record, as well as Obama’s similar anti gun rights record.  The fact is that while Obama and Biden may not want to ban the particular sporting gun that Biden mentioned, they both have supported or written laws that would have banned my trapshooting gun.  Obama has also gone on record as wanting to ban my target practice rifle, along with every other semi automatic firearm.  Both Obama and Biden have supported bans on guns suitable for self defense, and Obama voted to allow the prosecution of people who defend themselves against criminals in their own home.  In the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark D.C. v Heller decision, Biden authored another anti gun bill that would ban guns suitable for self defense.  In short, Obama and Biden would be the most anti gun president and vice president in American history – and Joe Biden is being disingenuous when he tries to pass himself and Obama off as supporters of gun rights.

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  • john s flannery

    Come one…this calls for reference, as honest journalists know and proof. Stop the innuendoes. Be honest. I am told the Rove-ers have editied Joe's comments and that Biden is a gun owner, owns eight according to a good source and that ain't ainti-gun, no matter what you suggest in your weird paranoic prose. Few people who live in that waterfowl lush state can possible be anti-gun or hunting, and many would probably like to pop a few more geese.

    "they both have supported or written laws that would have banned my trapshooting gun." Prove it. I'll wait a few more days.




    I have already discussed the specifics of Biden's anti gun rights record before, and linked to that article in this article. You can read it at….

    This information is also widely available on other websites out there, such as

    Hopefully those two links will provide you with the information you were unable to see :)

    Also, you may want to read by bio page… my thoughts on abortion… and realize that I am about as liberal as it gets before you accuse me of Rovian tactics. The fact of the matter is that I am a Democrat who agrees with Obama and Biden on most issues, other than guns and certain aspects of Biden's copyright law opinions.