Son Uses Shotgun to Defend Mother Against Armed Home Invader

Published by the Author on September 22, 2008 at 11:17 am > Gun Related News > Son Uses Shotgun to Defend Mother Against Armed Home Invader

As reported, Thomas Thompson alleged broke into a Vero Beach, FL home on 74th Avenue, by prying open the front window and popping out the screen.  Once inside, police say Thomspon used two knives to threaten a mother of 2, Joanne Hornsby, who was laying in her bed.  She screamed, and her sons, Austin and Roger, ages 19 and 20, rushed to their mother’s aid. The youngest son, Austin, pulled out a shotgun and killed the armed home invader in self defense and defense of his mother.

Here we have an unemployed man who admitted to retail theft earlier in the week, then broke into the home of a random family, and used a knife to threaten a woman sleeping in her own bed.  Luckily for Joanne Hornsby, she had sons with a shotgun, which that prevented her from ending up like this woman.  Luckily for all 3 members of the Hornsby family, they live in a state with a “castle doctrine” law, which protects them from being charged for not hesitating to defend themselves. Cases like this are why I own a gun, and why I cannot bring myself to vote for politicians who would deny citizens the right to own a gun that is suitable for self defense.

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