ATM Armed Robber Shot by Armed Victim in Tennessee

Published by the Author on August 4, 2019 at 12:59 pm > Gun Related News > ATM Armed Robber Shot by Armed Victim in Tennessee

A Nashville, TN man used his gun to stop an armed robber who attacked him at an ATM.News reports say that shortly before 10:00am, a man was using an ATM on the 900 block of Bell Road when an armed robber approached him.  The armed robber is said to have drawn his gun, at which point the victim drew his own gun and fired, striking the armed robber multiple times.  A suspect was taken to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, and has been charged with attempted aggravated robbery.  No injuries to the armed citizen were reported.

Robbery is primarily a crime against a person’s body, rather than a crime against their property. For that reason alone, a criminal who commits robbery is not the kind of person to whom anyone should wish to trust their life and safety.  Unfortunately, complying with a robber’s demands in the hope that they will decide not to inflict harm is to do exactly that.

I have written about hundreds of real-life armed self defense examples on this website, but they are only a tiny portion of the approximately 2.5 million times that Americans use in a gun self defense each year.  Such armed citizens save themselves from crime, and also save other would-be victims when the criminal is prevented from victimizing another person in the future.

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