Oak Park is Short on Cash – but still has money to defend the handgun ban

As the Wednesday Journal reports, Oak Park, IL is short on cash due to decreased revenue, which is blamed on the faltering economy.  Despite the $1,368,100 budgetary shortfall, Oak Park will still spend taxpayer money defending their (likely unconstitutional) handgun ban.

It is unfortunate for the people of Oak Park that the village management has decided to waste taxpayer funds on a losing battle.  The Oak Park handgun ban doesn’t prevent crime, but instead only serves to disarm law abiding citizens and perpetrate injustice upon those who rightfully defend themselves.  I would respectfully suggest that Oak Park, IL follow the example set by Morton Grove, IL and Wilmette, IL, by abolishing their pointless handgun ban.  The money that would be spent on legal fees could then be spent on worthy causes, such as increased police protection to stop Oak Park’s rampant armed robberies.