Oak Park Woman Robbed at Gunpoint – despite the handgun ban

As the Chicago Tribune reports, a woman was robbed by a man who threatened to shoot her on the platform of the Austin Blue Line stop, Oak Park police reports indicated. The woman was standing on the platform when she was approached by a man who asked her for spare change. When she declined, the man stuck a hand under his shirt and threatened to shoot her with a gun. The criminal then grabbed her by the wrist, and took her cell phone and wallet valued at $350. This robbery, like the countless others in Oak Park, IL, occurred despite the decades long handgun ban.

As I’ve stated before, criminals will ignore the gun control laws just as they ignore the laws against robbery. The only people who obey the gun ban laws are the law abiding citizens, who weren’t going to commit a crime in the first place. The result is that these law abiding citizens become easier targets for the criminals, who know that a home invasion or robbery in Oak Park will be easier to pull off, since the victims won’t have a handgun. For the good of its citizens, Oak Park should follow in the footsteps of Wilmette and abolish their likely unconstitutional handgun ban.