Criminals Like Gun Control Laws

Almost every day, politicians and other public figures get on their soapboxes and argue for gun control. They say their latest pointless and ineffective gun control laws will be “tough on criminals.” The reality of the situation is that criminals like gun control laws. This is because criminals will still have guns, and their victims will be easier targets. get Allow me to explain further:

Criminals get their guns illegally, so gun control doesn’t prevent them from getting their guns
Criminals don’t obey the law – in fact it is this very fact that makes them criminals. Just as they don’t obey the laws against robbery, murder, and rape, they will disobey the laws that prohibit them from purchasing a gun. Instead of buying through a lawful gun dealer, they will either steal a gun or buy a gun on the black market. Either way, criminals will have guns.

Gun control disarms law abiding citizens, making them easier targets
Law abiding citizens will, however, obey gun bans. They may obey because they fear the criminal penalties that could ruin their lives, or because they fear the social stigma that could accompany even the most minor criminal conviction. Or they may obey because they are inherently law abiding. Regardless of the reason, law abiding citizens will obey the gun ban laws, and will be disarmed. The criminals, who will still have guns and other weapons, will then be able to prey on the disarmed law abiding citizens.

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Calling the police is not a realistic solution
When confronted with the above argument, some members of the gun control lobby will then say that citizens should call the police when in danger. Such a suggestion is simply not practical in the majority of situations, due to the time it will take the police to respond. Whether the law abiding citizen is a store clerk at work, a pregnant woman at home, or a citizen getting out from their car, the police simply can’t get there to stop a criminal who is already attacking. This is because a criminal who is 3 seconds away simply can’t be stopped by the police, even if they are just 30 seconds away. In such a situation, self defense is usually the only viable option.