Criminals Using Nail Guns

As the AP reports, A 27 year old Grand Junction, CO man is in custody for allegedly of spraying a co-worker with flammable lacquer thinner, throwing a garbage can at him,  and shooting him as many as 20 times with a nail gun.

Jacob Bertrand is currently being held in the Mesa county jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.  He is alleged to have committed the nail gun attack up a coworker, while working at a local hardware store.

This is certainly not the first attack with a nail gun, on either side of the Atlantic ocean.  In the UK, criminals attempted to rob a man, and shot him multiple times with a nail gun.  Nor are unlawful uses of nailguns confined only to humans, as a goose learned.

Perhaps we will now hear calls for Nail Gun control?  Or, perhaps people will apply reason, and recognize that criminals will commit crimes using whatever tools they have, regardless of the the laws against committing the crime or having the gun?