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Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on June 13, 2008 at 12:07 am
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Some friends and family members have asked me why I have a gun. After having answered this question several times, I decided to write an article that I can point people to in the future:

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I have a gun (actually several guns) for a variety of reasons:

1. Self defense – I consider self defense to be the most basic human right, and I intend to be able to exercise that right, if the need arises. If a criminal breaks into my home to injure me, I will have the best tool (a gun) with which to defend myself, and therefore the best chance of surviving. My desire to be able to defend myself should not be confused with a desire to shoot a home invader or any person. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, since I view *all* human life as precious and irreplaceable. Rather, if it came down to firing in self defense, I would do so in order to protect myself and my loved ones.  The response time of the police (even when the 911 operator doesn’t fall asleep) is simply too long when there is already an attacker in one’s home.

2. Defense of Loved Ones – Just as I feel it is morally right to defend my own life during a home invasion, I feel even more strongly that it is morally right to defend the lives of my loved ones. Indeed, I believe I would be committing a moral wrong were I to allow preventable harm to befall a loved one, such as my girlfriend. To further that goal, I have taught my girlfriend to use my firearms, so that she can defend herself, rather than be a victim, in case I’m not home and a criminal breaks in.

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3. Patriotism – Thankfully, the odds of a foreign power (or even terrorists) invading the U.S.A. in any significant way are pretty low. However, I still view gun ownership as a patriotic duty. The reasons for this are two fold. First, should my country find itself in a time of war when civilians need to be drafted, working knowledge of firearms may prove indispensable. Secondly, in that unlikely event that our country suffers an invasion or terrorist attack on the ground, I may be able to offer (some) defense of my home and the surrounding area.

4. Educational Value – Given the politically charged nature of gun control, and my interest in the United States’ laws and constitution, I feel that I should know and understand guns, just as I should know and understand other politically significant issues. I do not want to end up like Congresswoman McCarthy, who went on TV to argue in favor of gun control, but didn’t even know what the so called “assault weapon” feature she wanted to ban looks like or does. It is simply ridiculous, ignorant, and embarrassing to have strong opinions about guns (or any other issue) unless one is familiar with the issue.

5. Recreation – Guns are a great hobby. I enjoy the physics, the opportunity to interact with supersonic objects, and the skill required. This is true of target shooting, trap shooting, etc. Others prefer hunting, and still other prefer collecting guns. Many people enjoy it all. Regardless of an individuals particular interests, there is likely a gun related hobby that is right up their alley.

Join the NRA today and do your part to help preserve our gun rights (and save $10).

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  • http://madpoisonlounge.com Mark

    Great website..wealth of information..Horay for you and I totally agree with you.

    – West Loop Business Owner

  • Craig

    Love your website! It is great! I am from downstate Illinois, and your site is a great reminder that we all have to work together, no matter of race or where we live (urban/rural), to protect our rights. It is sad that folks have been fooled by corupt politicians to believe that gun control is a saftey issue, when gun control is a tool used by governments to oppress their citizens, and murder any opposition. I wish folks new a little more history of the world. If they did they would never believe the lies they are told. Keep up the good work!

  • pradumansinh

    i strongally believe to protect himself and family weapon is must.

  • pradumansinh

    i agree , weapon is must for protection of himself and family .pradumansinh

  • Mike

    6) Responsible ownership of firearms promotes a mindset of self-reliance.

  • Lynne

    Very good article and right on all points. I am disappointed however, that you left out the primary idea the founders had when they crafted the Second Amendment. In creating the Constitution, the founders made it clear that the citizens were the 'sovereigns.' That all the power was to remain with the citizens. And in order to maintain and retain their power the "People" were to always remain armed in order to protect themselves from domestic tyranny as well. The main purpose of gun control is to disarm the citizens. Once the citizens are disarmed, then the government/politicians have nothing to fear. The citizens will have relinquished their last means of defense from tyranny…both domestic and foreign.

  • Perry Cumbo

    I also wanted to reply wondering why you left out the most important reason to own firearms. That being the second amendment is the only amendment that can protect all the rest of the amendments. I do love your website and keep up the great work that you do. I just was left hanging when you listed the top five. It would have been impossible to fight the British with swords and stones…

  • Donisha

    I love this website and I am new to guns. I had an epiphany after traveling around the world that it is the responsibility of every every American (that is legally able) to own as many guns as possible. When I travel I hear "Americans are crazy. They all own guns." I went to the UK and they are overrun with wild immigrants and terrorists. And I stopped one day and said, "GOOD HEAVENS! The only thing that is stopping people from coming over here and starting to act crazy is the fact that they think we are all gun toting maniacs." They have strict gun laws in other parts of the world and the balance of power is out of whack. The only thing that saves America from being the world's next big crap hole is the fact that the rest of the globe thinks we will shoot them on sight. Personally, I am glad that the rest of the world thinks that about the US.

    We can all defend our homes with baseball bats and home alarm systems. So the, 'defend my home against invaders' thing is just an excuse. The real reason to own a gun is because it keeps America safe when everyone on the globe thinks the citizens will shoot to kill.

    Thank you for the fab website! I am looking forward to stockpiling as many weapons as possible and being a responsible, safe, gun owner. :)

    • Lloyd Booth

      To ‘defend my home against invaders' is not an excuse; it is a reality. If a person woke up in the middle of the night with an intruder within striking distance, it is too late to grab a baseball bat. I go to bed with a .45 ACP right next to me under the covers, so it keeps as warm as me. I also have a 380 ACP tucked into my shorts just in case. I set the alarm, turn on the night light, chamber a round, and jump into the sack with both of my personal defense pistols right there, cocked, unlocked and ready to rock and roll. Anyone is welcome to sneak in some night and see firsthand how I would handle my personal defense program.

  • Marshall

    not sure how many home break-ins with lethal intent occur in the US but the right to own a gun purely for self-defense isn't sufficient. If the attacker has any sense he would also be toting guns that he purchased just as legally as you for his own purposes. The fact of the matter is you will have to defend your home and will have to wait for the police in this situation regardless, the availability of guns will effect both aspects of crime home-invasion murders (doubtful there are many) and home manslaughters (or justified defence of home). As a nation that has suffered economically from a heinous campaign on 'terror' that has caused the devastation and destruction in the unseen lives of thousands in Afghanistan, Iraq you'd think making weapons less available would be the key. Meh i was just googling a video and ended up on this page but thats 0.1 of my 2 cents, peace and loving my ass

    • Hicus Dicus

      Other than the fact that what Marshall is saying is close to meaningless gibberish. One good thing is we don't have to worry about the Marshall types, they don't like guns and spend their lives with their heads where the sun does not shine which will make them automatic victims. I am not a peace loving person. peace loving people never learn how to keep the peace. I personally think we should exit the middle east and sit back and watch the genocide go into overdrive. From what I am starting to understand about the state of the world financial markets is that the people with out guns will be the first to vanish.

    • Lloyd Booth

      Making weapons less available is suicide. America could take the course from Switzerland. There every person goes into the military and is issued a rifle which they take home and own for life. Hitler did not want anything to do with Switzerland because the whole country was armed and dangerous.

  • Ray

    Very great site. I know how people live in the countries where citizens have no gun rights, and it seems allright but suddenly I find out that people are afraid to go out at night, and in their homes they never feel completely safe, too, even for no good reason. It's great America has this law, people should always have the rights to protect themselves, with most effective tools.

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