Guns are a Special Hobby Like No Other

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Guns ownership and sporting use is a special hobby like no other.  And I’m not only speaking about the unique fun and physics that go along with responsible firearms use –  Whether you are interested in hunting, target practice, or collecting, firearms as a hobby require something that almost no other hobby requires: Constant defense of your right to continue enjoying the hobby.  This is because unlike most hobbies, there are well funded special interest groups, such as the Brady Campaign, which are dedicated to the eradication of firearms rights.

Compare guns as a hobby with hobbies such as SCUBA diving, knitting, sports, painting, or just about any other hobby, and you will see my point.  SCUBA divers are welcomed with open arms into most location across the world.  No cities have knitting bans, or attempt to regulate the type of knitting that can occur.  No politicians call for prohibitive taxes on baseballs, or limits on how many basketballs you can buy in a month.  I have yet to see canvas-and-paint control at the national level.  In short, there are no special interest groups out to destroy those hobbies, while there are well funded special interest groups out to end gun ownership by law abiding citizens.

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My fellow firearm enthusiasts, and those who may not personally own guns but believe in protecting the Bill of Rights: Lets all do our part to help protect our Second Amendment gun rights.

Join the NRA today and do your part to help preserve our gun rights (and save $10).

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