Oak Park Youth Robbed of Shoes and Bag At Gunpoint – despite the handgun ban

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on August 18, 2008 at 12:35 am
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As the Chicago Tribune reported, a boy in Oak Park was robbed of his shoes, gym bag, cash, and iPod by a bicycle riding criminal at 12 Madison St, Oak Park, Illinois.  The gunman rode up on a bicycle and displayed a black pistol, before relieving the teenager of his properly, valued at about $500.

Not a week seems to pass without an armed robbery in Oak Park, with many weeks brining at least 4 armed robberies.  Other times, there are attempted rapes or shootings.  The common thread here is that criminals break the law.  This is true whether the law in question prohibits armed robbery, rape, murder, home invasion – or gun ownership.  A person who is willing to commit a serious felony such as armed robbery won’t be concerned about a minor gun possession charge, which is why Oak Park’s armed robbers aren’t afraid to own a gun within village limits.  Since Oak Park’s law abiding citizens don’t want even a minor conviction to tarnish their good name, they obey the handgun ban, which leaves them unable to defend themselves.  Making matters worse, disarming these law abiding citizens does nothing to prevent crime, since such people were not the ones who would have committed a crime in the first place.

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