Argument Leads to Shooting in Oak Park – in spite of the handgun ban

As the Wednesday Journal reports, a 39 year old man was shot in the pelvis after an argument with his step-son.  The shooting took place on the 600 block of Lake Street, in Oak Park, IL.  The victim was transported to Loyola Medical Center in Maywood, IL and underwent exploratory surgery to ascertain the extent of his injury.  This is yet another shooting in Oak Park, in spite of the (likely unconstitutional) handgun ban.

As I’ve stated numerous times, those willing to commit a serious crime, such as assault with a deadly weapon or robbery, are not going to be deterred by a handgun ban.  Instead, the law abiding citizens are left vulnerable, giving criminals the upper hand.  Nor will such laws keep guns out of the hands of criminals, since criminals will disobey the gun control laws by stealing a gun or buying a black market firearm.  Rather than making it harder for citizens to lawfully defend themselves, we should focus on actually stopping crime.