Israeli Citizen With Concealed Carry Stops Terrorist

As CNN reports, a Palestinian man went on a rampage Tuesday in downtown Jerusalem, ramming a construction vehicle into cars and buses before he was shot and killed by a law abiding Israeli citizen and his firearm. Thanks to this armed citizen, this attack resulted in no deaths, unlike a similar construction vehicle attack which killed 3 people a few weeks ago. This occurred near the hotel where Senator Barack Obama was scheduled to stay Tuesday night.

This act of terrorism was stopped by a law abiding and armed citizen.   While the news media doesn’t report the fact as often as they should, having terrorists stopped by armed citizens is nothing new in Israel.  For example, the the Mercaz HaRav Massacre was stopped by a student who lawfully carried a concealed handgun.  Perhaps we Americans could learn from this and many similar incidents, and allow our students to defend themselves with concealed carry – rather than denying them this right.