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Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on May 11, 2008 at 3:23 pm
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Lawfully purchasing a gun online requires only a little bit more work than purchasing most other items online, and this extra effort can be worth the price savings.  Other times, the exact firearm that the buyer wants might not be available locally, especially when the gun in question is no longer in production, or is a high demand item that is in short supply.  This article describes the relatively simple process of legally purchasing a gun online.

Why Purchase Guns and Accessories Online?
The basic reasons are price and selection.  When I purchased my Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum locally in 2007, it cost me about $975.  Had I made this purchase online, I would have saved about $200.  I have also gone to my local gun stores to purchase guns that they listed as “in stock” on their websites, only to find that they are back ordered, and would take over two weeks to get in stock.  Online gun stores tend to have greater inventory, especially for hard to find items.

How to Purchase a Gun Online
US federal law requires that guns be shipped only to an FFL, which is a Federal Firearms License holder.  Your local gun store will be an FFL, and the online gun store you purchase from will be an FFL as well.   The online gun retailer will ship your gun to your local gun dealer, where you will pick it up in person (and pay a fee of about $25 to $50 to the local gun dealer).  If your local gun dealer refuses to perform the transfer, you can always use another local FFL.  The online gun retailer’s site will have more information about these steps.  By following those simple steps, you can save money, find the exact firearm you want, and fully comply with the law.

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How to Purchase Gun Accessories Online
Gun accessories can lawfully be purchased online and shipped to your door, just like any other non-gun related item.  This includes magazines, holsters, barrels, stocks, firing pins, laser sights, grips, and all the other accessories you can think of.  The prices online will often be considerably lower than what you will find in a local gun store, and the selection is much greater.  For example, I found that extra magazines cost about twice as much locally as they do online.  My favorite online gun accessories retailer is Impact Guns.  I have made multiple purchases from them, and experienced no problems or delays.

[Disclaimer: The above information is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice.  Read the full disclaimer here.]

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  • Richard Shoaf

    looking for “the judge” gun – can’t find one in our area – everyone is sold out. any suggestions

  • https://www.learnaboutguns.com LearnAboutGuns.com

    Richard, You may wish to buy the Judge online once it gets back in stock here, if your local store doesn’t get it first: https://www.learnaboutguns.com/products/taurusjudge.html

  • B.M.C.

    I live in Louisville Ky and I know without even trying, it will be difficult for me to purchase a gun. I'm a single, Black woman who is a senior citizen living alone in a high rise with at least 150 people at all times. Mostly males.

    I am presently being stalked and harassed by this crazy person who lives in my building on my floor!! He has been living here for many years. He uses his friendship with other tenants to help him make my life a living HELL!

    I have researched much information on how to legally handle this situation but there was NO information on my particular situation.

    The only thing that stuck with me on these websites is that these charges are very difficult to prove. I don't want to carry a gun; but I truly feel the need. Is there someone who can give me some HELPFUL information???

    • Angela

      That sounds awful. However, I would not get a gun in that situation. You could buy a Taser or a Stun Gun, as well as a bottle of pepper spray. That way you can defend yourself without going to prison. You can buy any of these items on ebay.

      • hicus dicus

        In a lot of places pepper spray or electric shock weapons are a felony. If you do use them you better be able to run or have a pair of hand cuffs. The effects are short lived so you better have a plan.

  • dustin

    walmart sells the judge in montana…