Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum Review

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I purchased a Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum about a year ago, and have put about 3,000 shells through it so far. It has been broken down and cleaned about 30 times. Pictures of my Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum can be seen here. I thought I would write a review of this shotgun, which is my favorite shotgun so far.

Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum

Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum is a pump action shotgun, which has a magazine capacity of 7 shells. The “XCS” stands for “Extreme Conditions Shotgun”, and means that the exterior of the gun is coated with Remington’s proprietary Black TriNyte corrosion resistant coating. Interior parts are coated with electroless nickel, and the trigger group is plated. In short, this shotgun is designed to handle conditions that would rust and corrode other shotguns, and that is why it costs about twice as much as other shotguns in the Remington 870 family. Also included with the Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum model are a limbsaver recoil reducing pad, and a speed feeder synthetic stock which stores 4 additional shells. The cylinder bore barrel is 18″ long.

Build Quality
The Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum is a high quality firearm, and it is clear that Remington put plenty of care into its construction. Unlike some of the 870 Express shotguns which have a plastic safety, the 870 XCS Marine Magnum has a durable metal safety. The TriNyte corrosion resistant coating is evenly applied, and the finish of the gun is flawless. The action is smooth and loading shells is easy. In fact, the only complaint that I have relates to one of the pins holding my trigger group in place: The smaller of the pins requires gentle tapping with a hammer to remove it, while the larger one can be taped out with less effort. I don’t consider this to be a huge problem.

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After firing about 3,000 shells, ranging from birdshot, buckshot, low recoil buckshot, and 3″ magnum slugs, I have not had a single problem. Every shell of the various varieties and manufacturers have fired, and the 870 XCS Marine Magnum loaded/ejected them properly. Since this is my primary home defense gun, the excellent reliability sits well with me.

Those who appreciate the option to add tactical accessories to their shotgun will enjoy the Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum as well. There is a vast after market for the 870 series, and unlike some of the 870 Express models, the 870 XCS Marine Magnum can accept magazine extensions without issue (and it already includes a +2 shot magazine extension from the factory).

If you are looking for a good home defense shotgun, you can’t go wrong with the Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum. Its corrosion resistant features are likely overkill for most situations, and are certainly overkill for me since it sits in my low humidity gun safe most of the time, but I enjoy the added peace of mind. The higher build quality also makes it worth the premium in price over a base model Remington 870. I paid about $950 for mine locally, but it can be purchased online for considerably less. For those who would like a home defense gun with most of the 870 XCS Marine Magnum features, but at a lower price, the this shotgun may be what you are looking for.

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The Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum can be purchased online here.

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    Guns do not take people's lives, people take people's lives. Screwdrivers, hammers, chain saws and other tools used for crimes aren't scrutinized. Guns are just an easier tool. Cars kill people every day.

    Gun laws are meant to keep the weapons out of "safe" hands but land in those hands that harm, not protect.

    We have a "right to bear arms" in this country and that right was set by our forefathers. We need more "Criminal Control", not "gun control." Remember it's the PERSON behind that "Tool" that matters, not the tool itself. Peace.


    I need to correct myself on my Oct 2008 comment. I said “Gun laws are meant to keep the weapons out of ‘safe’ hands” What I meant was that gun laws are meant to KEEP in safe hands, but land in UN-SAFE hands due to laws in place. Tottally my bad, my apology.
    Let’s keep this country “SAFE” and do not allow criminals to arm themselves.

  • West Coast Canuck

    I do not hunt but I am an avid ocean canoer and have been doing trips up the coast of British Columbia for a month at a time every summer for the last ten years. On one particular trip I had a small child with me and an incident with a cougar, after that experience I purchased the 870 MM XCS.

    I have now taken this shotgun with me on three separate three-week ocean trips where I was tenting every night and therefore had heavy exposure to salt air and salt water.

    In the two years I’ve owned the 870 MM XCS I have to say that it’s corrosion resistance is exceptional for a hunk of metal, but not absolutely perfect. The shotgun has been wet many times from both rain and salt water and on a few unfortunate occasions, left completely soaked overnight.

    The only area I have seen any indication of corrosion is at the very tip of the tube clip. I do not consider this to be serious as it is little more than a slight darkening spot and can easily be replaced. Nowhere inside or on the barrel, breach, bolt or trigger mechanism is there any indication that this shotgun has ever been outdoors.

    I would highly recommend the Marine Magnum XCS as a camp defense shotgun. I do not personally feel any need for HD so I cant comment on it’s use for that purpose.