Montana Considers Castle Doctrine Law

Published by the Author on February 1, 2009 at 11:16 pm > Gun Related News > Montana Considers Castle Doctrine Law

The state of Montana is considering joining the ranks of other states that have a castle doctrine law, which protects law abiding citizens who have rightfully defended themselves from the fear of prosecution or being sued by the criminal:

  • Montana Senate Bil 92 would make clear the fact that Montanans can defend themselves against intruders in their homes.  This bill is said to have the wide support of police and prosecutors.
  • Montana House Bill 228 would provide the same castle doctrine protections, and extend them to any place where a Montana resident has a right to be.  This bill, similar to the one in Florida, is even better.  That is because a person who is doing nothing wrong in their car, or standing on the public street, should be just as legally able to defend themselves from an unprovoked attack by a criminal as a person who is in their home.

Montana residents are encouraged to look up their elected officials and voice their support for both of these bills.  We as a country need castle doctrine laws, so that the USA end up like Canada or the United Kingdom, with citizens being prosecuted for defending themselves against violent criminals.

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