Disabled FL Man Fends Off 2 Home Invaders

As reported, a wheelchair-bound man from Silver Springs Shores, FL used his handgun to defend himself against a pair of home invading robbers.

Police say that the 62 year old disabled man was at home around 11PM when he heard a knock on the door.  Not expecting a visitor and having a bad feeling, the man reportedly grabbed his handgun then answered the door.  At the door was one robber, who posed as a motorist needing assistance, while his mask-wearing accomplice hid in the bushes, according to police.  The masked robber is said to have rushed the homeowner, at which point the homeowner fired in self defense.  The masked intruder, 24 year old Jeff Kenney, was fatally wounded and the other robber is said to have fled, according to police.  Police also say that Kenney had a history of arrests for violent offenses.

Criminals often see the disabled as easy targets, and use their physical strength to overpower these more vulnerable members of society.  Without a gun, few disabled individuals are able to defend themselves against a single younger and stronger attacker.  The situation is even more bleak when such a victim faces multiple attackers.

However it is an entirely different story when disabled crime victims are armed for self defense.  Here, this armed disabled man was able to defend himself against two younger attackers.  Similarly, this disabled veteran was able to fend off a drug addict and an accomplice who were burglarizing his home.  As another example, this disabled man used a handgun to save himself from a violent robber who was preparing to beat him with a metal pipe.  Armed self defense works, and enables handicapped would-be victims of violence to save themselves.