Person Shot for Laughing at Another’s Misfortune

As reported, a group of friend was standing outside in Evanston, IL when a man who was walking by slipped and fell on the ice. The friends began laughing at the man for his misfortune. The man who fell on the ice didn’t find it to be funny in the slightest. He drew a gun and fired one shot, which struck one of the laughing individuals in the ankle. The victim was treated at a local hospital and released, while the shooter has not been identified or apprehended.  This shooting seems to convey two lessons:

First, don’t rudely laugh at strangers, as they may turn out to be violent individuals with short tempers.

Secondly, anti gun people oppose concealed carry on the (incorrect) theory that those citizens lawfully carrying guns will open fire at the drop of a hat, leading to OK corral style shootout over trivial disputes.  But as I’ve said before, and as this shooting shows, the kind of person who would open fire like that is already illegally carrying a gun (remember, Illinois does not allow concealed carry).  Gun restrictions only effect law abiding citizens, not vigilantes who shoot at people for being rude.