High School Students Bring Machine Gun and Ammunition to California School

As the Mercury News reports, two male high school students at  Pinole Valley High were arrested on suspicion of possession of an illegal “assault weapon“, possession of a machine gun, bringing a firearm onto school grounds, being a minor in possession of live ammunition, being a minor with a concealed weapon, being a minor in possession of a firearm with prior conviction, a probation violation and marijuana transportation. Both of the arrested students have previous gun and ammunition possession arrests or convictions on their records, police said.  The gun that was brought to school was reportedly a fully automatic AK-47.

This is simply more evidence of the fact that gun control laws won’t deter criminals, and that in “gun free zones”, only the criminals will have guns.  These students broke over a dozen state and federal laws – perhaps we as a society should focus on actually stopping crime, rather than just passing more gun control laws that will be ignored by criminals.