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I’ve written several articles in the past about how criminals have the upper hand in Britain.  First, British gun bans ensure that only criminals are armed.  Then, those citizens who do manage to defend themselves against violent criminals are convicted of murder, and then sued by a surviving criminal.  However a recent case from the UK is so outrageous that I thought it was a joke at first:As reported, a British criminal robbed an 81 year old woman as she walked home from the doctor.  After the robbery, she was afraid to leave home, fearing she would be victimized again.  The robber was caught and convicted, making him eligible for prison time.  This same robber had previously served prison time for a 2003 manslaughter conviction, which he received for stabbing a man to death while drunk.  The robber told the judge that he was afraid to go back to prison, that he was abused as a child, and that he was traumatized from having killed that man in 2003.  Amazingly, the judge agreed, and gave the killer-turned-robber only a community service sentence.  Upon hearing this, the 81 year old robbery victim was understandably outraged.

This is simply ridiculous, and a miscarriage of justice.  Here we have a criminal who has killed a man, and robbed an elderly woman.  He is the very embodiment of a danger to society, and yet a British judge chose to make him spend not one day in jail.  In short, the British government denied this elderly woman the right to have a gun for self defense against criminals, then declined to jail the very robber who attacked her.  That is wrong.

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