(Almost) the Right Response to a Tragedy

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on April 19, 2011 at 8:11 pm
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Motivated in part by the assassination attempt on Gabrielle Giffords, the Texas legislator is considering a bill that would grant expanded concealed carry rights to certain state officials.  While this is a far better reaction than those that historically follow a high profile gun-related crime, it still leaves much to be desired:

The proposed Texas law would expand concealed carry rights to bars, hospitals, churches, schools, amusement parks, sporting events, and other places where Texas currently bans concealed carry.  However, these expanded concealed carry rights would only apply to certain state officials, such as members of the legislature.

Firstly, I whole heartedly agree that expanded concealed carry is the solution to crime of violence such as the attempt on Giffords’ life.  A person who is bent on murder will, by definition, violate any law that tells them not to have a weapon. This should come as no surprise, as a person willing to kill will also logically be willing to break any other law.  The result is that around the world, criminals arm themselves with all manner of weapons and then prey upon their disarmed and defenseless victims.  On the other hand, the statistics and real-world examples show that armed citizens are in the best position possible to stop violent criminals before it is too late.

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Turning back to this proposed law, I whole heartedly agree that Texas state officials should be able to lawfully carry their self defense guns in bars, hospitals, churches, schools, amusement parks, sporting events, and other places where Texas currently bans concealed carry.  However, those expanded concealed carry rights should not be limited to state officials.  Instead, those rights should be expanded to all of Texas’ law abiding citizens, whose lives and safety are just as important as the lives and safety of the elected officials in Texas.  Double standards such as the one proposed here have no place in our country, where everyone should be treated equally under the law.

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  • Rob

    A similar bill was proposed here in California, It would grant elected officials an automatic acceptance for their application for a concealed carry permit, bypassig the "good cause" requirements, but would not extend to all of us "little people".

    Some places here, like Tulare County, are basically shall issue areas, others like LA(where I live, unfortunately) the only way you can get a CCW permit is to be a large campaign contributor for the sheriff, be famous, or be a politician. The only way a normal person can get one is to have a gangbanger walk them into the sheriffs office with a gun pressed to their head, then the Sheriff will mull it over for 2-3 months and you might get a permit, if he feels like it.

  • BasinBictory

    ^ I remember that. I just smirked when I read about it – apparently it's A-OK for elected officials to get their CCW permits rushed through, but us regular folks just have to dial 911 and hope the cops show up in time to at least get our corpses when they're still recognizeable.

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