Another Tragedy in a “Gun Free Zone”

As reported, two preschool children and one adult have been killed, and another 13 people have been injured during a brutal stabbing attack at a Dendermonde, Belgium nursery.  The attacker, whose face was painted, tricked an employee into letting him in to the nursery, at which point he stabbed three infants.  Then he went to another floor the nursery, and stabbed even more people, before escaping on a bicycle.  10 surviving children were brought to a local hospital in need of emergency surgery.  A suspect was reportedly apprehended shortly thereafter.

In 2006, a nanny, toddler, and another woman were shot by a criminal on the Belgian city of Antwerp.  In a knee-jerk response, the Belgian government passed a strict gun ban, which took away the gun rights of a great many citizens.  Those wishing to keep even hunting guns had to apply for a permit that could be denied without good cause.  As a result, lawful gun ownership, especially of guns suitable for self defense,  basically came to an end in that country (although criminals kept their guns).

Due to such strict laws, ordinary Belgians are unable to have a gun for self defense, and even police officers are often not allowed to take their guns home at night.  This means that when a deranged individual breaks into a nursery to stab small children, there is no armed citizen who can stop them.  It means that over a dozen people suffer death or serious injury, and the adults are powerless to save the children.  It also means that when a gang attacks a disabled woman, she is unable to stop. Time and time again, gun free zones lead to armed criminals having a monopoly on weapons, which allows them to terrible things.

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On the other hand, widespread gun ownership allows even the most vulnerable members of society to defend themselves against violent attackers.  These armed citizens can stop rapists, terrorists, stalkers, home invaders, armed robbers, and racist attackers.  That is why I support gun rights, and believe that our European friends are seriously in error when it comes to their support of gun bans.