93 Year Old Man Shoots Home Invader in Self Defense

Over the last week in particular, I’ve discussed cases of elderly citizens who have been able to defend themselves with guns, instead of being victimized by younger and physically stronger criminals.  Up until now, the oldest person I’ve mentioned using a gun for self defense was a 91 year old gentleman, who used a gun to defend himself and his 90 year old wife from a pair of armed home invaders.  However a newer self defense case from the news features a 93 year old gentleman, and nicely caps this week of elderly self defense news stories:

As reported, 32 year old Mark Leon Applin allegedly attempted to gain entry to a house in Springfield, Ohio.  The residents called 911, but Applin allegedly entered the home, and when the 93 year old man asked him to leave, Applin reportedly advanced on the elderly man, who fired one shot in self defense.  After being shot, Applin is said to have fallen to the floor, gotten up, ran out the house, and then collapsed on the sidewalk.  Applin was air lifted to Miami Valley Hospital, with life threatening injuries.

While I don’t know this 93 year old man from Ohio, I do know several people in their late 80’s and early 90’s.  Each of them has grown frailer and frailer with age, and I shudder to think what injury they would suffer, even if a home invader were to just push them to the ground.  For that reason alone, I am glad that this man was able to defend himself against the specter of being attacked in his own home.

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Sadly, many elderly people live in areas with handgun bans, making them more vulnerable to terrible attacks by criminals.

My thanks to Anders for pointing out this case of self defense.