Chicago to Hold Gun Ban Planning Conference

As reported, Chicago’s Mayor Daley stated that he will host a conference in January of 2009, with the goal of finding new way to restrict gun rights, despite the Supreme Court’s pro gun rights holding in D.C. v. Heller.  The conference will include anti gun politicians from around the country, and people who have been harmed by a criminal and wish to blame guns.

It is a shame to see taxpayer money wasted on hosting this conference, where the aim is to find new ways of infringing the right of law abiding citizens to have a gun for self defense.  Instead of trotting out the same weak justifications for gun control, and playing on the public’s lack of understanding, Daley and other politicians should recognize that gun control just doesn’t prevent crime.  Instead, it leaves law abiding citizens defenseless against the gun ban ignoring criminalsConcealed carry, on the other hand, is a proven method of stopping crime – and is something that Illinois sorely needs.

My thanks to Paul for pointing out this news story.