Armed 87 Year Old Roswell, NM Man Saves Pregnant Woman from Violent Attacker

As reported, an 87 year old man in Roswell, New Mexico used his gun to stop a violent attacker who was attempting to sexually assault a pregnant woman.

Police say that a pregnant woman was doing laundry in her rental home, with her 3 year old daughter, on the 6100 block of Old Clovis Highway, when a man approached her and began to remove his clothing.  The man is said to have made sexual advances towards the woman, before pushing her down, at which point the woman is said to have grabbed her daughter and ran to her landlord’s house next door.  After the man forced his way into the landlord’s home, pushed the woman down, and repeatedly punched her in the face, the landlord shot the man in defense of the woman, according to police.  News reports state that the man is said to have advanced on the landlord, prompting the landlord to shoot him again.  Still undeterred, the man is alleged to have then paced around the property and shut off the electricity, before finally leaving and taking himself to the hospital.  A suspect was located at the hospital, and expected to face charges once released.  The suspect was on probation for a previous battery conviction and on an ankle monitor at the time of the attack, according to police.

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Home invading criminals are a deadly and terrible threat for every manwoman, and child in the residence.  Victims of home invasion all too often suffer torturerapekidnapping, and murderat the hands of criminals who have no regard for their victim’s suffering. The good news is that gun owners like this landlor can, and do, stop such criminals every day.  Gun ownership saved this woman, and led to a suspect being swiftly apprehended by police.