Pregnant Woman Holds Armed Home Invader at Gunpoint

As reported, a pregnant Mobile, Alabama woman held an armed home invader at shotgun point until the police arrived to arrest him. Randi Fairley, who is six and a half months pregnant, awoke at 4 AM when her unborn daughter began to kick.  Randi then heard a noise downstairs.  Investigating the sound, she found an intruder, and yelled at him.  Randi then grabbed a shotgun, and chased the intruder into the street.  The home invader allegedly pulled a handgun on the pregnant woman, at which point she said “you know, you need to put that away before I shoot you because mine’s bigger,” prompting the home invader to put his pistol back into his pocket.  With some help from her mother and husband, Randi then held the alleged home invader at shotgun point until the police arrived to arrest him.  Neither Randi, her unborn child, her 4 year old son, her husband, or her mother were harmed.  Upon arresting the alleged home invader, police reportedly searched his home and found cash, marijuana, and stolen items.  The alleged home invader is now a suspect in at least 13 burglaries, and had previously been arrested on similar charges earlier in the year.

Once again, gun ownership has allowed a law abiding citizen to defend themselves and their family against a home invading criminal.  Had this pregnant woman been unarmed, it seems unlikely that she would have been able to prevail over the young man who was burglarizing her home and threatening her life.  Fortunately, she was armed for self defense, and a potential tragedy was averted.

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I would also note that other armed pregnant women have had similar success at stopping crime: This pregnant woman from Tennessee used a a shotgun to scare away two home invaders.  This other pregnant woman from Minnesota used her handgun to defend herself, her husband, and her young daughter against a violent robber.  As both the real life examples and statistical evidence make clear, armed self defense works.