Why Chicago’s Crime Rate is So High

As reported, about 1/2 of Chicago Public School students drop out between their freshman and senior years of high school.

Individuals that lack a good education are much less likely to be able to get a decent job.  Such individuals are also much more likely to end up as criminals.  Rather than recognizing this, Chicago politicians blame guns (but keep guns for themselves).  Chicago is the “murder capitol” of the United States, despite a ban on handguns that has been around longer than I’ve been alive.  More gun restrictions won’t change that fact, and will instead only leave law abiding citizens defenseless.  Until Chicago politicians address the lack of education and other causes of crime, things just aren’t going to improve.

Note: I am in no way suggesting that everyone who has dropped out of high school is a criminal, or anything else so ridiculous.  Although I value education highly and have spent the last 7 years of my life in college and law school, I don’t think that those who choose to forgo higher eduction are bad people or in any way lesser members of society.  Each person should pursue the career that is right for them and that will make them happy!  Instead, I’m pointing out the clearly established fact that, at the societal level, there is a strong connection between a lack of education and criminality, and that improving education of our children is an effective way to prevent and reduce crime.