The Difference Between a Magazine and a Clip

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Its always annoyed me to hear people incorrectly refer to magazines as “clips”.  This video clip does a nice job explaining the difference:

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  • Dennis

    I watch the video on "Clips and Magazines " that was interesting. I never new that people confused the two. I trained on the .303 Lee-Enfield and the FN C1A1. Both used strips (clips) to reload the weapon when you used up all available magazines. It was a type of fast reload when you did not have the time load magazines.

  • ChrisCP

    Thanks for posting this. I hear TV reporters, especially, using the word "clip" when they should be using "magazine" and I can't be the only one who's ever tried to correct them by yelling at the TV. :)

    Thanks, also, to the guy who uploaded the video to YouTube and the guy who made the video.

  • Johnson

    Hey, if you are going to be politically correct on ever word, then the guy doing the video should refer to a rifle as a rifle and a pistol as a pistol, not a GUN. Remember the movie Full Metal Jacket? THIS IS MY RIFLE, THIS IS MY GUN. THIS IS FOR FIGHTING, THIS IS FOR FUN.

  • John

    I understand that guns can be used for self-defense, but that is rarely the case. A few years ago my friend's business partner kept a gun in his house for self defense. He also had a 5 year old son, who found that gun. He walked straight up to his dad, said "Daddy" and shot himself in the head. Guns are more likely to kill someone living in the house than to kill an intruder.

    • Lloyd

      Every day, five children under the age of 19 die as the result of an accidental shooting or suicide by gun, according to Common Sense About Kids and Guns.

      • James Brand

        And you actually believe 'Common Sense About Kids and Guns', Loyd?

        Find out who sponsors the organization, and the information might be viewed in a different light. Like how many of the 'kids' are 18 year old gang members shot by police during an armed robbery?

        • Lloyd

          I do not believe anything posted on the web. I think the internet is nothing but cheap entertainment at best. I believe the internet is a place where degenerates gather seeking attention. Human beings have this intensive desire to communicate and use the internet media to sooth their miserable souls. Most of the stuff on the internet is distorted, false, and an out-right lie.

  • EagleEye

    Then get off the internet!