The Danger of Gun Control Video Clip

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This video clip discusses how almost overnight, the citizens of Britain lost their gun rights after 2 high profile shootings.  Collectors with guns that were hundreds of years old and worth thousands of dollars were forced to turn in their firearms for destruction.  Olympic target shooters were forced to travel to another country to practice their sport.  Still others had to hand over firearms given to them by long-since-dead parents, to have the barrels and receivers chopped apart.  This is a warning what can happen when the law abiding gun owners of a country sit idly by as their gun rights and heritage is legislated away in a very brief period of time… And making matters worse, the gun control laws only led to a thriving black market for guns, defenseless law abiding citizens, and preventable murders.

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  • Ted

    When will you Americans stop using UK gun laws as propaganda to justify your second amendment rights? You clearly know nothing about the History of UK gun laws or even try to understand UK public opinion on the subject. Gun owners in the UK, like me, never have and never will own firearms for the purpose of self defence we just don't need to. Also, to say that UK gun laws (as stupid as they are) have led to an increase of black market guns, defenceless law abiding citizens and preventable murder is just plain bull! There always has and always will be a market for black-market guns, the vast majority of law abiding citizens didn't own or even want guns before the bans and most likely don't care or actually agree with them. Public opinion in the UK is anti-gun and unfortunately the Gov'nt agrees with them, get over it, not everyone’s obsessed as you guys.