Oak Park: Armed Robbers Continue to Ignore the Handgun Ban

As the Wednesday Journal reports, there were 5 armed robberies in Oak Park during the last week.  3 of the armed robbers used firearms, while 2 used knives:

  • Two criminals used handguns to threaten a man standing in front of his apartment building, and then demanded his wallet. One of the robbers reportedly stated, “If there’s no money in here, I’m going to drop you.” The second criminal then took the man’s cellphone and both men escaped
  • Gun toting criminals told an Oak Park man “Drop everything and get out of here. We’re taking all your stuff.” When they pointed guns at the man, he screamed and ran to his nearby residence.
  • After cashing a check at a currency exchange, an Oak Park man was robbed. One criminal approached from the front while the second man placed a hard object, believed to be a gun, against his back. The man was then relieved of his wallet and $750.

These robberies, like the ones before them, are in spite of Oak Park’s handgun ban, as well as the state of Illinois laws that prohibit carrying a concealed firearm, prohibit assault with a deadly weapon, and prohibit robbery.  A criminal who is willing to commit a serious felony such as armed robbery is not going to be deterred by Oak Park’s handgun ban, which is not even a misdemeanor, and results in just a fine.  Instead, Oak Park’s handgun ban serves only to disarm the law abiding citizens, who weren’t going to misuse guns in the first place, making them easier target for robbers and home invaders.  Sadly, only those willing to break the law are able to defend themselves.

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Hopefully the NRA‘s lawsuit against Oak Park’s (likely unconstitutional) hangun ban will restore the rights and self defense abilities of Oak Park’s law abiding citizens.