Illinois SB681 Victory

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As previously mentioned, Illinois’ Governor Quinn attempted to use his amendatory veto power to turn a quite reasonable pro-gun bill into a ban on so-called “assault weapons.” The good news is that, despite Governor Pat Quinn’s efforts, Illinois’ law abiding gun owners have prevailed:

From the ISRA on Tuesday, December 4, 2012:

Today the Illinois House of Representative Overrode the Governor’s Amendatory Veto of the in state mail order ammunition bill (SB681). That bill now becomes law in its original form effective immediately.

The vote was 78-28.

The Governor had tried to us his Amendatory Veto Powers to turn SB681 in a “so-called assault weapons” ban, The ISRA believes this was an Illegal use of the Governor’s Amendatory Veto Powers. We are pleased to say that many State Representative and Senators agreed with us.

Thanks to the Illinois State Rifle Association members and gun owners though out the state for calling their legislators and asking them to override the Governor’s Veto.

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