Grand Prairie, TX Homeowner Shoots Home Invader who was Armed with a Knife

Published by the Author on December 4, 2012 at 4:18 am > Gun Related News > Grand Prairie, TX Homeowner Shoots Home Invader who was Armed with a Knife

As reported, a homeowner used his self defense pistol to stop an intruder who was armed with a knife:

Police say a man was in his own home on the 2000 block of Clark Trail in Grand Prairie, TX when he heard an intruder break a window and enter.  The homeowner reportedly called 911 and grabbed his .40 pistol.  The home invader is said to have advanced on the homeowner with a knife, at which point the homeowner fired in self defense, wounding the attacker, according to news reports.  Police arrived within about a minute and 30 seconds, at which point they apprehended the suspect and transported him to the hospital.  No injuries to the homeowner were reported.

I think that there are a couple of lessons to be learned from this home invasion.  Firstly, as we’ve seen before, criminals don’t always run when the police are called, and it is therefore not wise to trust one’s safety to the hope that a criminal will flee.

Secondly, those opposed to gun rights will often argue that a person who is attacked by a criminal will be unable to get their gun and defend themselves in time.  There is plenty of statistical and anecdotal evidence that flatly disproves this unfounded idea, including this very case of self defense.  If this man can manage to get his gun while being held at knife point by a criminal, I think that it bodes well for the many people who are in an even better position to quickly grab their gun.

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