Brookings, OR Concealed Carry Permit Holder Lawfully Draws Gun in Self Defense

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The Curry County Reporter, which is located in Oregon, reports that a man from Bookins, OR drew his gun in self defense and successfully stopped his attackers without firing a shot:

Police arrived at a McDonald’s to find Kerry Von Pohle pointing a revolver towards Kevin Eber and Jacob Shelton. An investigation revealed Von Pohle had drawn his gun in self-defense.

Kevin Eber had thrown a partially full beer can, striking Von Pohle’s car. Von Pohle asked Eber why and Eber became violent, telling Von Pohle he was going to kill him. During that exchange, Shelton attacked Von Pohle, striking him with closed fists and slamming his head into a parked car.

Von Pohle attempted to fend off the attack but realized Eber was closing in on him as well. Von Pohle drew his concealed 9mm revolver (for which he had a weapon permit) and pointed it at both subjects telling them if they came any closer he would shoot. The suspects stopped their advance. Von Pohle also had called 911 to notify police.

Luckily for Mr. Von Pohle, he lived in Oregon, which is a state that allowed him to lawfully carry a concealed weapon for self defense.  Even the most ardent anti-gun politicians see the value of firearms for self defense, even if they reserve this right for themselve and deny it to their citizens.  Illinois needs concealed carry.

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