Remington 7600 Pump Action Rifle Review

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The Remington 7600 is a pump action rifle, available in a variety of calibers. Its action is similar to that of the Remington 870 series shotgun, making this rifle easy to transition to for those familiar with pump action shotguns. The pump action nature of this rifle also exempts it from some of the more stringent gun bans, which is (sadly) something that must be considered by some law abiding gun owners these days. My review of the Remington 7600 is below.

The Remington 7600 is a pump action rifle, which is a bit of a rarity these days. Why pump action has not caught on for rifles the way it has for shotguns is something I have never heard a good explanation for. Although I should admit that as a shotgun enthusiast, I am a bit partial toward pump action, and its reliability :). A standard 22″ barrel, as well as an 18″ carbine model are available. A synthetic stock or a variety of natural stocks can be selected as well. Open rifle sights are included standard, but a scope is a nice addition for longer range shooting.

Similarity to Remington 870 Shotguns
For me, the similarity to the Remington 870 was one of the biggest selling points for the Remington 7600. Although learning how a new firearm works is not difficult by any means, I happen to like the 870’s action and design, and was happy to see a rifle with those attributes.

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Supported Calibers
The Remington 7600 is available in .243, .270, .30-06, and .308. I would have liked to see a version chambered for magnum cartridges such as the .270 Weatherby magnum, but the existing selection is reasonably broad.

Home Defense Use
I am of the opinion that a shotgun is generally the best home defense firearm, but for those looking for a home defense rifle, the Remington 7600 might be a good choice. The pump action means that it is easy to store this rifle with the hammer down, magazine loaded, and chamber empty. To make it ready to shoot in an emergency, the user would only need to pump the slide (safe and responsible gun storage rules still apply, of course). The factory magazine only holds 4 rounds, however larger magazines can easily be purchased online.

I like the Remington 7600 but recognize that a pump action rifle is not for everyone. Another firearms enthusiast that I know considers bolt action to be the only proper hunting rifle, and gas operated semi-auto to be the only proper action for tactical rifles, despite the fine accuracy and rate of fire that the Remington 7600 offers. If you like the reliability and easy way that pump action firearms can be stored in a relatively safe yet read to use fashion, then the Remington 7600 may be just the home defense rifle, or general purpose rifle, that you’re looking for.

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Purchase the Remington 7600 pump action rifle online here.

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  • county clown

    I have been trying to find out information on a remington rifle. It's a model 7600. It is some kind of commemorative model. It has engraving in the stock, and on one side of the receiver. It says it is a .280 or something in gold lettering on the receiver, and it says 1997-2007. It's been a month or so since I've seen it, so I can't really remember, however, I know it's still there because a friend of mine has seen it still on the rack. It does say 1 of 500 on it. I would like to know about this rifle. I was looking to buy a 7600, and if this rifle has some worth now or in the future I might buy it. I've been looking for information on it on the web, but can't seem to find much that tells me anything. Can you shed some light on this? Thank you.

    • gutpile

      i believe i have 1 of the guns you are talking is 1 of 170 made even though the gun is stamped 1 of is a 30.06 rem. 7600..sold new at the time for $1000,00 not sure what the value is today but i will sell mine for the right money

      • Twp36ME

        Do you still have the larry benoit 7600 and would you sell it? I’ve been searching for one and stumbled upon this post. Send me an email if you can at

  • Ryan

    Remington quality and outstanding accuracy in a light, fast handling package, makes this rifle the only one you’ll need in your gun rack. I sold a Winchester Model 70 to get this rifle and haven’t regretted it for a second. If your just not a bolt action fan, but demand bolt type accuracy, you’ll get it here. Once you shoot it, you’ll discover that the 7600 is absolutely the rifle you’ve been looking for.

  • Derek

    I think the rifle in question is a Larry Benoit commemorative edition rifle. The Benoit’s are legendary Whitetail hunters in the Maine/Vermont areas. It should be a .270 or 30/06 and I would not hesitate to purchase it. I would love to have one of these limited edition rifles, and for sure will increase in value. I think I am going to buy a new 7600 weathermaster in .270 cal., good luck.

  • Vic Alberts

    I bought a Remington 6700 pump rifle and I am getting about a 4 inch pattern at 100 to 150 yd
    How can I get the pattern down to an inch or less . I would like to use it for target shooting but with this pattern I can’t do this.

    Thank you

  • Vic Alberts

    I have the 6700 in the 30-06 and it is a grate hunting rile . I would like to use it as a compaction rile but I need a 1 pattern at 250 yards and I can’t get under 2 inches . I know that is not that bad but my 308 savage can do the one inch pattern . How do I get the one inch
    from a pump rifle ? I like it because I am let handed and a bolt in just to slow .

  • BasinBictory

    I'd like to make a suggestion as to why pump-action rifles might never have caught on (despite the incredible popularity of pump-action shotguns). I think a lot of it has to do with the manner in which shotguns versus rifles are used. Shotguns are typically fired at flying game – so a duck hunter is pointing his shotgun toward the sky, where he can thus operate the forearm for follow-up shots.

    A deer hunter using a rifle, on the other hand, is very likely in a blind, or some other position where the forearm of the rifle is resting on something (either an actual bipod or some other field expedient – like a tree branch or fallen log, etc.) In such a position, having a semi-auto, or bolt action, or even a lever action rifle means that follow-up shots are easy to get as the action is not impeded with having the forearm of the rifle rested on something. A slide-action rifle might have a problem in this regard.

  • Zak

    Great rifle — just purchased in .308 & i love it. Factory manual is pretty cheap tho. I am looking for full take-down / disassebmly instructions for use as reference. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  • http://google charles

    sir I am curently shopping for a rifle as a hunting survival weaponI like the reliability of bolt but the fire power of semi's Is it true that pump rifles need more maintance dirt getting into the slide that the gun is inaccurate due to the fact that at one time the barrel was pinned to the recever by 20 mini bolts now pinned by 4 large bolts causeing the barrel to drift when hot I also heard that the gun tends to rattle

  • Nathan

    I just purchased a new 7600 30-06 pump and I am very happy with the way that it shoots at 100 yards. Its grouping in a 1 inch pattern using winchester silver tips 150 grain. Its a carbide and i am wondering what I should be liniung it in at?

  • Terry

    My son has a 7600 and we are trying to figure out how to get the bolt out to give it a through cleaning. We haven't been able to find a breakdown sequence that tells us. Any suggestions?

  • Mike Tucker

    I have a rem 7600 243 and I was wondering if I can change the barrel to 30-06. Do any of you know if this is possible?

    • Brian

      A 243 round has the same bolt face as a 30-06, 308 or 270. A barrel chambered for a 30-06 will work fine on your rifle but you would need a gunsmith to install and head space it.

  • Charles Rook

    I have a Remington model 7600 pump rifle. Sometimes the firing pin does not seem to strike the primer hard enough. I need to know how to take apart the bolt to get the firing pin out. Would also like to know what the firing pin should measure in length as it might be to short. Any help or comments will be helpful. Charles.

    • Remington

      There are lots of discussions about the Remington firing pin issues on the internet. There is also step by step instruction and video about taking the bolt apart. Just do a Yahoo or Google search for the Remington model 7600 firing pin and you will find them all. Also go to YouTube and type in Remington model 7600 firing pin disassembly.

  • george cazan

    helppp, to found ammunition 35 whelen for my remington 7600

  • derrick

    having alot of trouble inserting the four round clip so it will stay in you would think that a expensive 7600 would be as easy as slapping a colt m16 clip in wtf

    • Carl

      The little tit on the clip that holds it in is bent a little bit.Take a pair of pliers and bend it back out just a little.It should work new again

  • ed schneider

    could u plz tell me is there a 308 7600 or6700 carbine bolt i beleave my dad had one at one time and would like to find one

  • edward nelson

    I like the 7600 pump and hunt deer with the 270 caliber . I find it accurate and easy handling . They are a great rifle.

  • verneoz

    I keep seeing references to short action and long action 7600 pump rifles. What is the difference? And how do I know which one I have? Thanks to anyone who can help.