AK-47 vs AR-15 Video Clips

Published by the LearnAboutGuns.com Author on September 22, 2010 at 12:01 am
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Below is an excellent series of video clips by nutnfancy, addressing the reliability/durability, ballistics, firepower, ergonomics, weight, operation, accuracy, accessories/versatility, optics, value, and track records of the AK-47 and the AR-15:

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  • Anthony

    So if i just want a fun easy gun to use because i never used one b4 i should get the AK-47?

    • Dudejo

      yeah, the AK-series has an excellent reputation for durability.

      it was designed to survive in the Russian climate and they say you can do maintenance on it even while wearing winter gloves. either way, this rifle can handle its fair share of abuse.

      however, the durability comes from having intentionally loose tolerances in certain areas of the rifle, which lowers your accuracy. however, as a beginning marksman, you won't reach the weapon's potential right away.

      theoretically, the AR-15 will become the superior choice once you have more experience with firearms.

    • Vince

      NRA – National Reject Association

      • PawneeBill47

        You’re a moron. A sissy moron.

  • AK-47 vs AR-15

    There can be no real comparison between these guns; the AK-47 is 7.62×39 mm and the AR-15 is 5.56×45 mm.

    • Dudejo

      that doesn't make sense.

      that's like saying you can't compare a Honda Civic and a Ford Focus because they use different engines.

      • .45 Carbine

        It’s more like comparing a tricycle to a Harley Davidson.

  • BasinBictory

    They're different weapons designed to fit differing philosophies on the role of infantry. The Soviets realized in WW2 that large numbers of mediocre infantry armed with automatic weapons, trained to get in close to the enemy, was more effective than more thoroughly trained infantry armed with accurate long-range (and usually bolt action) rifles. So they designed the AK to fit that philosophy, but have the best of both worlds, as it were – the high rate of fire like a submachine gun, but with the power of a rifle bullet (albeit reduced to an "intermediate" cartridge).

    ARs were originally replacements for the aging M1 Carbines of the USAF base security folks, and were never initially intended to be used by frontline Infantry or Marines. We have Secretary McNamara to thank for that….

  • Eyenosetooth

    I love your site, thanx for all the great info… I feel bad for even saying this but the NRA is a joke. All they do is promote republicans, and bash democrats. All the while, both republicans and democrats strip away all our rights. The only true way to stop guns from being banned is by actively participating in politics, paying attention to what our politicians are doing and writing them to let them know you are watching. Then when they dont listen, vote for new honest people instead, even if that means voting for a third party or write-in candidate and being on the "losing side." The NRA only contributes to the whole divide and conquer system that is currently in the process of killing everything America stands for. I used to be a member, but I thought I was a democrat back then and I got tired of all the newsletters and crap that was just hating on democrats and pro-Bush. When I wrote them and asked them why they waste my money supporting liars and war enthusiasts instead of just waiting til a law is actually being passed to ban guns and fighting that bill with lawyers and publicity, I got no response. I cancelled my membership Bush got elected and the rest is misery. I don't need corporatized lobbyists to be my voice. I do just fine on my own and I can use the extra money to buy another gun… :-)

  • Lady

    Thank you for making this site for us. It’s nice to learn about guns without all the racist views sprinkled into the content.