Anti Gun Lie that Top them All Video Clip

I’ve previously discussed various overt and subtle cases of anti gun groups putting out misinformation, with the hope that uninformed voters will be scared into supporting gun control.  I’ve also talked about anti gun politicians who make baseless anti gun statements, all the while showing a lack of knowledge about the guns they are trying to ban.  However I’ve found a new example that tops them all:

In the video clip shown below, New York State Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington appears at a press conference, where she tries to push for a ban on .50 caliber rifles, despite the fact that such expensive and bulky guns are almost never used by criminals.  The really amazing part comes when she says that some .50 caliber rounds have incendiary tips (true) and that “incendiary” means that the rounds are heat seeking (utterly and completely untrue).  For the record, incendiary rounds just have a burning bit of phosphorus or some similar compound at the front of the round.  Such rounds are not heat seeking, and cannot track and follow a target like a heat seeking (infrared guided) missile.  It is also important to note that incendiary round can be manufactured for any caliber, not just .50, and such incendiary rounds are already heavily restricted by law.  In short, Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington is simply spreading fear over non-existent capabilities of already banned bullets.

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