Armed Citizen Stops 2 Walgreens Robbers

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As reported, an armed citizen used his gun to stop a pair of armed robbers at a Benson, MO Walgreens:

Police say that a pair of masked robbers, who were armed with a shotgun, enter the Walgreens on the 6100 block of Northwest Radial, just before 9:00PM.  A robber reportedly pointed the shotgun at a cashier and several customers, as part of their robbery attempt.  One of the customers, who was armed for self defense,  drew his gun and fired at the robbers, according to news reports.  One robbery suspect fled a short distance before falling to the ground and dying, and the armed citizen held the other robbery suspect down until police arrived to make the arrest, police say.  The deceased robbery suspect was identified as 18 year old Marquail Thomas, and the surviving suspect was identified as 17 year old Angelo Douglas, police say.  Neither the armed citizen, nor any customers or Walgreens employees were harmed.

Once again, guns are a valuable self defense tool.  Unarmed individuals can suffer a terrible fate when a criminal robs them, even if they fully cooperate with the criminal’s demands.  The same is true for those who try to run from the robber.  However, when crime victims are armed, they are often able to defend themselves. Indeed, studies show that armed citizens stop criminals millions of times each year.

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Those who oppose armed self defense should also note the many cases like this, where a law abiding citizen uses their gun for self defense in a busy area, and not one bystander is harmed.  Remember, statistics show that armed citizens are less likely than the police to shoot the wrong person.

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  • Spurwing Plover

    One less armed thug to steal the hard earned cash of honest citizens shows in deed that crime dosnt pay