Armed Mother Shoots Home Invader, Defending Herself and Her Children

Published by the Author on January 12, 2016 at 9:06 pm > Gun Related News > Armed Mother Shoots Home Invader, Defending Herself and Her Children

As reported, a Dripping Springs, TX woman used her gun to stop a home invader.

Police say that a woman in Dripping Springs, Texas was home alone with her 3 children while her husband was out watching a football game with friends, when at 11:30pm she saw a suspicious car in her driveway and called 911.  Before the police could arrive, an intruder attempted to break in to the home through the front door and then then the garage, according to news reports.  The intruder reportedly gained entry to the home, at which point the woman told him to leave repeatedly, at which point she shot the home invader in self defense.  A suspect was reportedly taken to a hospital by helicopter, and is expected to survive and face charges.

Home invaders often do terrible things to occupants of homes – especially when those occupants are women and children.  As a matter of biology, most women are smaller and not as physically strong as most men.  That means that even in a situation where everyone is without a gun, the male attacker is likely to prevail.

The good news is that armed women – just like this mother – can and do stop home invaders and other dangerous criminals every day.  As another example, this armed mother saved her daughter from a home invading rapist.  Similarly, this armed daughter saved her mother from a violent intruder.  This armed woman saved herself and her son from a home invader, just as this woman saved her children from multiple prison escapees who were invading their home.  When women are armed with the great equalizer, they can stop even the strongest violent man.

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