Armed Oklahoma Woman Saves Herself and Son from Intruder

Published by the Author on November 24, 2012 at 5:00 am > Gun Related News > Armed Oklahoma Woman Saves Herself and Son from Intruder

As reported, a woman in Wyandotte, OK used a handgun to scare off a man who broke into her home.

Police say that at about 9:00am the woman was at home asleep in her bedroom when she heard the doorbell, followed by a knock on the door.  Suspicious, the woman reportedly grabbed her .22 pistol.  An unknown man then unlocked the outer and inner door to the house, and began to open the door, according to news reports.  The woman reportedly grabbed the door and fired a shot at the intruder, sending him fleeing.  Police were able to locate the suspect, who was then charged with first degree burglary, felon in possession of a firearm, and driving on a suspended license.  No injuries to the woman or her 3 year old son were reported..

Yet again we have a woman who was able to defend herself with a gun. Had this woman not been armed, she could have ended up like this woman or this other woman – victimized in her own home. Instead, thanks to her self action actions, she was unharmed and a suspect is in custody.

I wish that those who oppose gun rights would take note of cases like this, as well as countless other examples where women were able to defend themselves with gun, instead of being defenseless victims. Thankfully, this woman exercised her constitutional right to gun ownership and self defense, and was able to save herself and her young son.

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