65-Year-Old Manchester, NH Woman Shoots Robber in Self Defense

As reported, a 65 year old woman from Manchester, New Hampshire used her gun to stop a robber.

Police say that at about 11:30pm, the woman was followed after she stopped at a gas station on her way home.  As the woman exited her vehicle to walk into her apartment on South Porter Street, a man ran past her to block her path to the door, and then attempted to grab her, according to news reports.  The woman is said to have drawn her handgun and fired in self defense, striking the robber, at which point she was able to escape into her building.  The 4’11” 105 lb woman then called 911.  A suspect was reportedly apprehended and charged with robbery.

Guns are the great equalizer, and allow the smallest woman to defend herself against the largest man.  Armed women successfully defend themselves against robbers and home invaders, saving themselves and their families from great harm.  They save themselves from rapists who would inflict lasting physical and emotional harm, and protect their unborn children too.  Society truly needs more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens, including women.