Armed Forest Grove, OR Woman Fends Off Rapist

Published by the Author on October 24, 2009 at 12:01 am > Gun Related News > Armed Forest Grove, OR Woman Fends Off Rapist

As reported, police say that the 23 year old woman, who lives in a suburb of Portland, was asleep in her home last month when an intruder entered and tried to rape her.  The woman reportedly grabbed a .22 caliber rifle from near her bed, and began firing in his direction.  The rapist fled, and no one was injured.  Police reportedly arrested a suspect, a 53 year old drifter named Floyd Dale Elliott, shortly thereafter. The victim is said to have identified Elliott in a police lineup, and he has reportedly been charged with rape and burglary.

I wish that those who oppose gun rights would take note of cases like this, as well as countless other examples where women were able to defend themselves with gun instead of being defenseless victims.  Had this woman been unarmed, it appears likely she would have been raped, and an alleged sex offender would still be on the loose.  Instead, this woman exercised her constitutional right to gun ownership and self defense, and was able to save herself from a violent attack in her own home.

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