Armed Woman Defends Herself Against 3 Home Invaders

Published by the Author on January 17, 2009 at 12:13 pm > Gun Related News > Armed Woman Defends Herself Against 3 Home Invaders

As reported, a woman from Dumfries, VA was not feeling well, and ended up staying home sick from work.  Her home security alarm suddenly went off, and she found 3 men breaking in to her home.  Luckily for this woman, she was a gun owner, and the three criminals fled upon seeing her.  Amazingly, one of the criminals returned a moment later.  The woman shot the criminal in self defense, and the criminal was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.  Police caught the second home invader, and are searching for the third.

Yet again we have another woman who was able to defend herself with a gun.  Had this (sick) woman not been armed, it is rather unlikely that she could have stopped one home invading man – much less three.  Instead, she could have ended up like this woman or this woman; victimized in her own home.  The sexist people who suggest that women can’t defend themselves with guns really should take note of this and similar self defense cases that happen every day.  They should also remember that without guns, they physically stronger criminal will prevail, and as a matter of biology and/or cultural norms, few women have the physical ability to fight off a male attacker with their bare hands.

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I would also like to point out that this is more proof that criminals don’t act rationally.  Here, we have a criminal who probably hoped to break in to an empty house, without an alarm system, and steal valuables while no one was home.  Instead, the criminal triggered a burgular alarm, and was confronted by an armed home owner who was in the house.  A rational person would likely have fled, to avoid the impending arrival of the police, and to avoid being shot by the home owner.  Instead, one of these criminal came back moments later to continue the break in, only to be shot and apprehended.  Since criminals can’t even manage to act rationally when it comes to their own safety and self interests, it is not realistic to think that they will act rationally, reasonably, or kindly when it comes to the safety of their victims – even if the victims cooperate.  That is just one reason why it is not reasonable to second guess crime victims who have defended themselves.

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