Indian Women Granted Gun Permits to Fend Off Armed Robbers

In what is a departure from tradition, almost 20 Indian women in a rural village area have been granted gun permits in order to keep the numerous armed robbers at bay.

In the Madhya Pradesh district, armed robbers (called “dacoity”) are a serious problem. Women belonging to a village defense group have been given gun permits to help prevent these armed robberies. The Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, wanted to enable these women to defend both themselves and their villages. The award of the permits is extraordinary, given the tens of thousands of gun permits that have been denied or are stuck in bureaucratic limbo.

This recognition that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens can and do prevent crime is commendable, and should go a long way to helping remove the armed robbers from that part of India. Perhaps the politicians in Chicago, IL and Oak Park, IL should take note of this example and grant concealed carry permits to their citizens, rather than just keeping the right to bear arms all to themselves.