The Suffering Caused by Handgun Bans

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A recent home invasion in Chicago ended with a mother and her young daughter landing face first on the pavement, with the kind of injuries one would expect from such a fall. They jumped from a second floor window to escape an armed and masked home invader who was about to kill them.  This is yet another reason why I oppose handgun bans.

Chicago’s handgun ban did not protect these people from an armed criminal
The faulty idea behind Chicago’s handgun ban is that making it illegal for anyone to have a gun will stop the criminals from having a gun.  This idea fails for a couple rather simple reason:  First, a person who is willing to commit a crime such as murder, rape, armed robbery, or home invasion won’t be afraid of violating gun possession laws.  Secondly, banning an item that criminals want doesn’t stop them from having it, as the black market will supply the forbidden item (just as it supplies illegal drugs).  Making matters worse, criminals get richer and more sophisticated as they are able to make huge sums of money by trafficking in illegal guns.  The net result is that the home invader was armed, just as Kiyanna Salter’s killer was armed, and the other killers in Chicago are armed.

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The handgun ban did ensure these people were defenseless
The home invasion victims lived in Chicago, and as a result were forbidden from having a handgun for self defense, under penalty of 6 months in jail.  Although I can’t say that this woman would have chosen to own a gun for self defense, she should have had the option.  Instead, Chicago’s hypocritical politicians make women such as this mother choose between having a gun with which to defend themselves and risking jail time away from their children, or being defenseless.  Chicago’s legal system is not of much help.  The police almost certainly can’t get there in time, and sometimes they don’t get there at all.  Making matters worse, people who have ignored handgun bans and saved their own lives have been prosecuted for doing so.

My humble suggestion for Chicago residents
Criminals are the problem, and armed citizens are the solution.  Until criminals start obeying laws, gun control will just benefit the criminals, and won’t reduce violence.  It is sad that Chicago is such a dangerous place, but wishing otherwise and passing feel-good gun bans won’t change the situation.  Only addressing the systematic causes of violence, such a poverty, poor upbringing, lack of role models, and exposure to violence as a child, will change things for the better.
Please, stop voting for corrupt politicians who keep the guns for themselves while denying everyday citizens the ability to defend themselves.  Have a gun, store it safely and responsibly, teach your children gun safety, and be ready to defend yourself if the need arises, rather than becoming a victim.

Join the NRA today and do your part to help preserve our gun rights (and save $10).

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