Domestic Violence Victims Go Unprotected in Chicago

Published by the Author on October 16, 2008 at 12:44 am > Gun Related News > Domestic Violence Victims Go Unprotected in Chicago

As reported, the legal system in Cook County, Illinois is doing a poor job prosecuting domestic abusers and protecting their victims.  Fewer than 1 in 5 domestic violence defendants are convicted, and almost 14 percent of the defendants from throughout Cook County faced multiple domestic violence charges within three years.  Even when defendants are convicted, that conviction may not provide much of a deterrent to additional abusive behavior, as most of the accused escape court with no jail time, no fines, and no alcohol/drug treatment.

This inability of the legal system to protect domestic abuse victims highlights the need for armed self defense.  The result is that in Chicago and other parts of Cook County, domestic violence victims are left defenseless against their attackers (who will just ignore the gun restrictions).  For example, this Oak Park woman and her baby were seriously injured when their home was (allegedly) invaded by the baby’s father, who came in swinging a baseball bat.  This Chicago Woman was (allegedly) seriously injured, and her current boyfriend was (allegedly) fatally stabbed by her ex boyfriend when he invaded her home. Despite the court systems and the police, Cook County domestic violence victims are not safe.

Things are different in areas where domestic violence victims are not subject to handgun bans and hypocritical, anti gun rights politiciansThis Arizona woman used her handgun to protect her own life from a violent stalker who had broken into her home when the police didn’t arrive in time.  This other woman also used a gun to save her own life after a violent ex broke in and the police didn’t get there in time.

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Cook County needs politicians who respect gun rights, and laws that don’t leave the law abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals (who will ignore gun bans just like they ignore the laws against murder).  It is sad to see a supposedly progressive area like Chicagoland embrace the sexist and racist pratice of gun control, despite the fact that it failed to reduce crime and infringes a basic right.

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