Armed PA Citizen Stops Home Invasion

As the Patriot News reports, a home invader broke in to Eugene Johnson’s house, and stated “Don’t move, I have a gun.” The home owner replied “Buddy, I’ve got a gun, too, and it’s aimed right on you.”  The home invader then turned and ran.

This is yet another case of law abiding gun owners defending themselves and their families from attack by criminals.  Perhaps the Philadelphia politicians who are trying to force draconian gun control measures on the law abiding citizens should take note of this and the countless other self defense cases out there.  Had Eugene Johnson not had a gun, it is unlikely that the 71 year old military veteran would have been able to defend himself and his wife against the home invader.  It is equally unlikely that the police would have arrived in time to help them.

Please join the NRA and take further action to protect our gun rights, so that home invasions such as this will end with the criminal leaving the home empty handed, rather than the home owners leaving in body bags.