Chicago’s Handgun Ban Continues to Fail

As reported, multiple Chicago public school students were injured by shattered glass, after a criminal opened fire on their bus.  Luckily, none of the students were hit by bullets, although two of the students had to be taken to the hospital.  Gun control advocates will use this as yet another opportunity to argue for more gun control laws, despite the fact that this near miss shows the pointlessness of such laws:

For the record, several laws were broken by the person who shot at the school bus.  First, there was the misdemeanor for possessing a handgun within Chicago city limits. Then there was the felony for carrying a loaded gun in Illinois.  Next, at the very least, the crime of reckless endangerment for discharging the gun, and potentially attempted murder.  On top of that, it is quite likely that the criminal didn’t go to the trouble of applying (and waiting) for a FOID card, making it yet another felony to possess the gun in the state of Illinois.  The shooter her could also be a convicted felon, meaning that they are prohibited by state and federal law from having a gun, and are committing a further felony by having the gun.  Indeed, there are still other potential crimes that the shooter could be charged with, but the point should be clear: A great many laws were in place, but the criminal ignored those laws, and that is what makes them a criminal.

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Unfortunately, such facts don’t deter anti gun rights politicians and other public figures, who come out of the woodwork every time there is a high profile shooting.