Key Anti-Gun Organizers Arrested on Drug and Gang Charges

Published by the Author on October 17, 2008 at 5:56 pm > Gun Related News > Key Anti-Gun Organizers Arrested on Drug and Gang Charges

As reported, Juan Johnson claimed to be a reformed gang member, and worked on behalf of the anti gun rights group CeaseFire in Chicago.  He was widely quoted in the media and won awards for his work as a so-called “violence interrupter”. But Johnson, also known as “Big Juan,” allegedly remained a crack cocaine selling gang leader, according to federal charges filed against him. Harold Martinez, another key member of CeaseFire, was also arrested along with Johnson.

As I’ve said before, criminals like gun control.  It doesn’t disarm them, but does disarm their law abiding victims, turning them into easier targets. Given that fact, the arrest of Juan Johnson and his other CeaseFire associate doesn’t surprise me.  Hopefully the politicians will keep this and similar events in mind, and stop giving taxpayer money to CeaseFire and its members such as Juan Johnson and Harold Martinez.

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