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Today seemed liked an especially appropriate day for a thank you:

In no particular order, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the following people who have made this website exceed my highest hopes.  While the list is largely unchanged since last year’s thank you post, the sentiment behind it is as current and genuine as can be.

  • Those who have emailed me suggestions.
    There are a few readers of this website who consistently email me suggestions for article topics.  Some of these suggestions are links to stories in the news, while other are suggestions to write about a particular abstract reason to support gun rights.  Even when I don’t end up immediately writing an article that directly relates to the suggestion, that suggestion may make its way into an article weeks or months later.
  • My Fiancé.
    She has been kind enough to proofread some of my articles for typos that spell check won’t catch, and to serve as a sounding board for my pro gun rights opinions.  Not to mention the various desserts that she has baked and brought over to my computer as I write these articles.  I’m also happy to note that this is the final Thanksgiving when I will refer to her as my fiancé, since we are getting married October 16, 2010 :)
  • Those who have sent me emails saying that they have decided to become gun owners.
    I get emails from individuals who have found this website after deciding to consider gun ownership. Unfortunately, many of these individuals have decided to become gun owners only after they or a loved one suffered at the hands of a violent criminal.  While it is sad to hear about the losses they have suffered due to criminals, it brings me a great sense of satisfaction to know that my website is helping people to prevent themselves from being victimized by criminals in the future.
  • Those who have donated.
    A few people have made kind donations which help offset the cost of hosting this website.
  • Everyone who has visited this website.
    Although writing about gun rights helps me to hone the arguments I use when debating gun rights in person, the main benefit is having my writings read by visitors to this website.  It is truly an honor to have so many people care to read what I write.  Thanks for visiting!

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  • Tom Tobin

    Thank you for running this site. Since deciding I wanted to finally become a gun owner in the here-and-now rather than some abstract "someday" — which probably has something to do with moving to Chicago, seeing my wife get mugged almost immediately, and watching crime keep climbing without having a right to self-defense I previously took for granted without exercising — your site has been, by far, the best resource for getting up to speed on gun ownership and gun rights. Because of your work on this site:

    – I joined the NRA and ISRA

    – My wife and I visited a gun store for the first time

    – My wife and I applied for FOID cards, and I now have mine (albeit months late, and my wife's still hasn't shown … probably time to call the ISP)

    – I learned (although I wasn't entirely shocked to discover) that the police have no obligation to protect individual citizens

    – I finally understood how to explain what an "assault weapon" was (and love having your diagram to link to)

    – I (belatedly) realized that CCW laws would be my first consideration for any future moves

    – I'm now pricing out a gun safe that can hold a couple of long guns and some ammo

    – My wife and I are looking forward to taking a gun safety and training class in the near future

    and, finally:

    – I'm looking forward to buying a Remington 870 after we have the aforementioned gun safe and training.

    Thanks again, and I hope you'll keep this site going for a long time to come!

  • Lynda

    And thank you right back…for being a good and honorable man, for being a man who continues to grow, for being a man who wishes to educate and bring knowledge to his readers. Happiest of Thanksgiving Day and weekend.

  • SithSnoopy


    Happy Belated Thanksgiving. :)

    And thanks for running this site. :)

  • Hal

    Thank you for the site. I read it thoroughly before buying my first gun in March of this year. I appreciate the effort you put into fighting the good fight to educate people about guns.


    Thank you all, and happy Thanksgiving :)

  • Anders

    Those who have emailed me suggestions.

    Thank you for posting my suggestions.

  • William Wise

    Thanks for your efforts in running this site. I especially liked your review of the Springfield XD. It was my second handgun purchase, and my next one will be an XD 45 compact. Keep up the good work, and let us know if you need any help.