A Thank You

I just wanted to take a moment to say “thanks” to various people, as today seemed like a good day to do so:

In the early months of 2008, I started this website with the goal of putting my thoughts on gun rights online.  I only intended to write a dozen or so articles in total, and didn’t expect to have anyone read this website on a regular basis.  10 months later, I’ve written more than 500 articles and have more readers and daily traffic then I could have hoped for.  And so, there are some people that I would like to thank, in no particular order:

Those who have emailed me suggestions.
There are a few readers of this website who consistently email me suggestions for article topics.  Some of these suggestions are links to stories in the news, while other are suggestions to write about a particular abstract reason to support gun rights.  I’ve found a great many of these suggestions to be excellent, and wish to extend my heartfelt thanks – along with encouragement to keep up the suggestions.

Those who have donated.
A few people have made kind donations which help offset the cost of hosting this website.  While I usually don’t break even on the cost of hosting this website, the donations help and are certainly appreciated.

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My Fiancée.
She has been kind enough to proofread some of my articles for typos that spell check won’t catch, and to serve as a sounding board for my pro gun rights opinions.  Not to mention the various desserts that she has baked and brought over to my computer as I write these articles.

Those who have sent me emails saying that they have decided to become gun owners.
I get emails from individuals who have found this website after deciding to consider gun ownership. Unfortunately, many of these individuals have decided to become gun owners only after they or a loved one suffered at the hands of a violent criminal.  While it is sad to hear about the losses they have suffered due to criminals, it brings me a great sense of satisfaction to know that my website is helping people to prevent themselves from being victimized by criminals in the future.

Everyone who has visited this website.
Although writing about gun rights helps me to hone the arguments I use when debating gun rights in person, the main benefit is having my writings read by visitors to this website.  Thanks for visiting.

I wish everyone a merry/happy/good/enjoyable/peaceful [insert holiday of your choosing here] :)