Illinois State Police Unlawfully Delaying Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) Cards

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I received an email today from a gentleman named Mick, who mentioned a rather serious problem going on in Illinois with respect to FOID card issuance.  Mick and several other people he knows have waited over 60 days to get their FOID cards, despite the fact that the law requires the FOID be issued or denied within 30 days.  I also personally know of a person whose FOID application has been pending for more than the 30 day waiting period allowed by law.

Background on the FOID card requirement
In Illinois, a person who wishes to purchase, transfer, or possess a firearm needs to have a valid Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) card (more information on becoming a gun owner in IL can be seen here). Buying, selling, giving, loaning, or possessing a firearm without a FOID is a felony.  In short, to enjoy the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, Illinois residents are forced to wait over a month, which is bad for the reasons I mention here.

The FOID processing delay issue
The law, as codified in 430 ILCS 65/5, requires that the Illinois State Police (ISP) “shall either approve or deny all applications within 30 days from the date they are received, and every applicant found qualified pursuant to Section 8 of this Act by the Department shall be entitled to a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card upon the payment of a $10 fee.”  Rather than following the law and issuing FOID cards within this 30 day time frame, the ISP has repeatedly delayed the FOID applications of many people over the years, and this remains an ongoing issue.  An early excuse was a staffing shortage.  Other times the applications were claimed to have been misplaced, even know the check had been cashed.  Such excuses would not be satisfactory if a citizen were applying for a driver’s license, building permit, or vehicle registration.  It is certainly not acceptable given the right to gun ownership that is enshrined in Federal constitution as well as the Illinois state constitution. Illinois state Rep. John Bradley (D-Marion) tried to fix this issue back in 2006, with a bill that would have allowed citizens whose right to a FOID was infringed to sue.  Sadly, this bill passed 80-29 in the state house of representatives but did not succeed in the state senate.

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What to do if your FOID application is delayed for more than the 30 days allowed by law
There are several things that a citizen should do if their FOID card is not issued (or denied) within 30 days:
1. Contact the ISP Firearms Services Bureau at 217-782-7980 and ask why your FOID has not been processed yet.  Be sure to have records as to when you submitted the FOID application, and when your payment check was cashed. It is likely that you will not get any real help here, but it is important to call in order to get the “official” status from the ISP.  Be sure to write down the names of the people you speak with, and the day/time you called.
2. Contact your state senator and state representative.  These elected officials need to know that their constituents are having problems getting their FOID cards as the law requires.  Often they can help you get a speedy resolution when the Illinois State Police fail to do so.  Even if the ISP eventually send you your FOID, be sure to contact your state senator or representative so that they are aware of the problem – there is truth to the old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
3. Let me know about the problem by replying to this forum thread.
4. Contact your local news media outlets.  Getting more publicity for this issue is important.
5. Tell your gun owning friends.  They may have experienced similar issues, and could be willing to help lobby the legislature to fix this issue.
6. Sign this petition to help end FOID card delays.

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One other point is to please remember to be polite and civil to the people you speak with about your delayed FOID application.  Yelling at or using profanity toward the Illinois State Police or your elected officials will get you nowhere.  Worse yet, rudeness on the part of one gun owner will be imputed upon the rest of us gun owners (even know it is not fair).  Just be sure to calmly explain the issue, write down the names of the people with whom you have spoken and what they said, and be persistent.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this page or anywhere on this site is legal advice. Click here to read the full disclaimer.

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  • erin

    After 4 days of trying to get through to them I finally get someone to answer my call. They tell me that it will be a few more weeks because of backlog and hunting season is in 4 days. They tell me I legally can’t hunt without a card and I tell them by law I am to be approved or denied in 30 days.She says “oh well” there’s nothing they can do. The tell me they received my application on October 14th, but yet they cashed my check on October 10th.

  • erin

    I did just call my state senators office and they are supposed to call the Illinois state police and see what they can do. I will be contacting my local newspaper, news station, and radio station if I do not get this resolved before hunting season on friday.

  • Dan

    Being a Chicago Police Officer I am required to carry FOID card with if I carry weapon off duty. My wife and I (also CPD), had our checks cashed on 11-21-08,no cards yet.The kicker is now our department is threatening that as of 01-01-09, all Dept. members not having valid FOID with off duty, while carrying,will be disciplined, A GREAT MORALE BOOSTER !

  • Dennis

    I mailed my FOID card renewal on 11/25/08. I knew there had been past problems with timely issuance, so I invested a few dollars with the US Postal Service to get a tracking number to verify delivery. USPS delivered the letter on 11/28/08 AM. The check cleared my bank on 12/02/08. As of 1/4/09, I have not yet received the new FOID card. I’ve not yet contacted the State police or my Senator/Representative, but I may if the new FOID card isn’t received within the next week.

  • Scott

    I mailed my FOID card application on 11/4/08, and they finally cashed my check on 11/20/08. I called them on 12/8/08, after the 30 days had passed and they said that they were busy, and I should expect it in a week or two. I then called on 12/26/08 and got the same response, we are busy, and that I should get it within 10-15 days. This is outrageous! They are making felons out of people that already own guns, and just want a renewal.

  • Grace

    I mailed my application and check on Oct 22, 2008. As of this morning, Jan 6 2009, I had not received any response of any kind. My check was cashed on Oct 27. I got online and found this website and started calling the phone number. All I got all morning was a busy signal. Two days ago I had emailed the ISP and inquired but have not heard back. So I took your advice and called my Representative’s office. The gentleman I spoke with took all my ID and numbers (Social Security, DOB, etc) and said he would call and inquire and get back to me. 3 hours later he called me back and said “good news, your FOID card was cut today and you should have it within a week” I laughed and said “well what a coincidence” and he also laughed. Nothing more was said but we both knew I’m receiving my FOID card within a week because he called and pressed them on it. I thanked him very much and hung up. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I applied 74 days ago and it took a phone call from my Representative to get my card. Thanks for your assistance and I’ll let you know if I don’t get my card within a week!!

  • Denny

    My check was cashed on Dec. 3 today is Jan. 9/09 nothing yet. I have a duck hunting trip which has been planded for some time, i will have to cancal for fear of being arrested. It is all right if they break the law, but you better not. It’s a shame the people of this state keep electing these people. When are these fools going to wake up.

  • H

    I submitted a new FOID application by mail on December 15 and received the card by mail on January 5. No problem!

  • Tom

    I sent my application in on 11/17/08. They cashed my check on 11/21/08. I have tried calling the 217-782-7980 number many times over the last two weeks but it was constantly busy. I found another # but was put on infinite hold… Last week I finally found an email address and emailed them. No answer back, so I just finished creating another follow-up email. This time I cc’d all of my reps that I found using the link on step #2. I’ll let you know if it works.

  • Chandler

    I sent my application in 11/17/08, my check was cashed on 11/21, application was not “received” until 11/24. Called ISP on 12/29 for status of my card and was told that they are very busy and cards are currently being processed in 54 days from the time they are “received”. My background check had not been completed and it would be a couple more weeks. When I pressed him for a more exact date, I was told 3rd week in January. Jan. 16 will be my 54 days so hopefully I will be receiving it this week or next week. I will keep you updated.

  • Grace

    I wrote last week and wanted to give you an update. Today, January 13 2009, I received my FOID card. The application and check were sent on Oct. 22 2008 and the check was cashed on Oct. 27. On January 6, 2009 I called Representative Bost’s office and asked for help. Three hours later, someone from Rep. Bost’s office called me back and said my card had been cut that day. I received the card today….81 days from the time I sent it. I don’t even know what to say except I’m grateful for your advice. I would not have thought of calling my Representative to help. I had tried calling and emailing and had gotten no response. Thank you and good luck to everyone who is waiting…call your Representative or Senator!!

  • kkkaz

    Hi, thanks for this info. I called ISP today, the first time, it was busy, an hour later, got through to a voicemail, said time is now 54 days from receipt. Planning on calling the reps offices’ tomorrow 1/16. I mailed my renewal 11/26, check was cashed on 12/4. Will keep all posted.

  • Tom

    On 1/12-09 I emailed '' and cc'd all representatives that were in or near my area using the link #2 above. Only one Rep helped me out. Thanks for all of the information on this site and thanks to the people at Rep. Donald Moffitt's (R-IL 74th District) office for their calls to the state police I received my card in the mail this afternoon.

  • Chandler

    Just giving an update on my card I'm now on my 60th day and still no card. I called ISP today and spoke with someone. I am being held up due to the fact that I had to list previos names (I was adopted when I was 5 years old and had a different last name). The woman who I spoke to said I "had been sitting there forever" and told me she was going to push my application along and I should receive my card within 7-10 days. So I hope I will receive my card by the end of the month, but I'm not holding my breath. I will update in 7-10 days and let you know if I receive it.

  • Larry B.

    Mailed my renewal out on Nov. 25th. Check cashed on Dec. 1st. Still haven't seen my FOID card. I'm about 53 days post them cashing my check, no FOID card.

    I'll be filing my suit in Circuit Court to collect the $100/day for each day they're late in issuing my card.

    It is NOT ok for the State to break the law, while at the same time dropping a hammer on me if I do. If enough of us band together and sue, this situation will have to change. I encourage all who are beyond 30 days to file in the circuit court in their county to collect the penalty that the State of Illinois now owes you for failing to do their job according to the law.

    • scott

      how did you find out about being able to sue them for a 100 dollars a day for being late? i am looking for any info on it?

  • Denny

    today is Jan. 27th check cashed on Dec.5 Still no .card. No answer on phone, just busy signal all the time. Denny

  • Mick Wood

    Hi there. I'm glad to see that there is more heat being applied to the feet of the ISP to do their legal duty. I know they are busy, what with all the folks who never thought about owning a gun realizing this may be their only chance. However, if I was "too busy" to do what is required to get an FOID and had a gun, that would be no excuse. I got my card back in Sept. after two and a half months and numerous calls to ISP, who denied having an application, then to my state senator, after which ISP miraculously must have found my app twice, as they mailed me two card with two different numbers, likely making me a criminal. I did speak with a pleasant lady at ISP re: duplicate cards, and we agreed upon which should be destroyed; I only hope the card passes the test if I try to buy a gun.

  • Chandler

    Just updating again, I received my card yesterday on Jan. 28th. It only took 66 days and several phone calls, but I finally received it. If it wasnt for the very nice woman I spoke to 6 days ago I think my application would still be sitting in a pile waiting for a second background check, many thanks to her. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting for their card.

  • Dennis

    It took 60 days calendar days, but my FOID card finally arrived on Jan 26. I didn't called the ISP or my Rep / Senator. I just decided to wait and see how long it would take if I did nothing. Based on the posts to this website it appears that in most cases, phone calls don't help. I hate to say it, but it probably makes the process even slower. The time they spend on the phone handling complaints proportionately reduces the amount of time they have to complete the background checks and issue the cards. I was surprised to discover this new card is valid for 10 years (instead of 5). May'be it'll be better in 10 years.



    I would have to respectfully disagree with your statement that calling and following up about the FOID delay is counterproductive. First, a couple people seemed to have gotten their FOID cards much more quickly after calling the ISP and their representative. Secondly, as the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, meaning that unless we stand up for our rights, the ISP will likely never issue FOID cards on time.

  • Benia

    I applied for my FOID on 11/27/08. I probably mailed it off the next day, and my bank verified that it was deposited on 12/1/08. Here it is, 2/1/09 (that's over 60 days now), and I am still waiting for any word on my FOID card. I just went to a gun show today and was unable to make any purchases. Is there no way to go online and check on the status of the processing? We are living in the 21st century now….

  • Keith K

    I just did the background on my FOID renewal. My check was cut 11/11/08, mailed out on 11/13/08 and returned to my bank on 11/20/08. My card expired on 02/01/09, and I have yet to receive my renewal or any correspondence about it. I'm going along with Larry B #15, I'm filing a lawsuit against them. I'm notifying my state senator.

    P.S. Word is this is Blagojevich's doing by cutting the staff over there. Time for Quinn to step in and fix this.

  • Tony

    Check cashed on Dec 1st. Just got the card today in the mail. 9 weeks=63 days. I guess the we are averaging 56 days just got a little longer. Good luck!

  • Grace

    I also respectfully disagree with Dennis' comment that phone calls are counterproductive. On Day 74, I called my Representative's office and within 3 hours I was informed my card had been cut. One week later I received the card on Day 81. Had I not called I might never have received it. Thanks again to this website for the advice and encouragement.

  • Ryan

    I've been looking in the mail every day, thinking it will come any day now, since its been almost 40 days! After reading everybody else's posts, i think i'm in for a long haul. Illinois is such a corrupt state, 4 of the past 8 governors got caught being corrupt. and thats just who got caught! Illinois' stupid gun laws make it so the only people with guns are cops and criminals! Not only is gun ownership important for home and personal defense, but its important to avoid tyranny!(The constitution was not ratified until the bill of rights was added!) If the citizens are outgunned by police, the police can do whatever they want! Just like the B.S. that happened on the metra train. Somebody had a gun, so the police searched everybody! 4th and 2nd amendment down the tubes!

    i just hope no one breaks into my house while im waiting for the ISP to do their jobs.

  • Keith K

    Update!! I finally got to speak with a real life person at the FOID office today. Take a hint, call early and if the phone rings stay on the line no matter what you hear. And keep pressing 1 for the next available agent. The gal i spoke with was VERY helpful. She told me that I was one in a few that "falls through the cracks." She was glad I called so they could finish processing my renewal. She also stated there was a hold up on my wife's renewal due to the maiden name thing. JFI, they have a staff of 3 trying to process 1000 apps a day!! Do the math, $10k/day and they have 3 people doing this work. My card should be here in the next 7-10 days.

  • robert

    looking for help,mailed my app and check on
    jan 18th,called today to find out if app was
    received gentleman stated i wasnt on file and
    called my bank and check hasnt been cashed
    what should i do…

  • Denny

    today is 71 days, finally got to talk to someone today,said they had no record of me even applying for a card, but my check was cashed on dec 3. Had to go get new app. and reaply all over.Had to send copy of check, drivers lisc.,copy of expired foid card. What a pain in the butt. Now I guess I can wait another 56 days. Told better keep my guns locked up till I get my card. What a bunch of bull. I already missed late deer season and cancelled a goose hunting trip. Humbug’ DENNY

  • Mike

    Someone quoted that Illinois is corrupt….you bet it is. Now that we finally got rid of Blowjobavich we can’t start work on getting rid of the corrupt jerks in Chicago. I heard that Chicago wanted to secede from the rest of the state, I say go ahead we don’t need you or want you if you are north of Interstate 80. Leave us downstate people alone to make the laws that work for us and not what all you ultra liberals want for your screwed up city.

  • Tom

    Day 33 since my check was cashed – no envelope in the mail. I plan on waiting until next week, then skipping calling the ISP and going right to my representative. Let my elected official, who has the power to DO something about this, actually bear the burden of the ISP’s inaction. If enough people do this, then MAYBE something will get done!

  • Corey

    65 days and counting…..

  • Tom W

    I sent in my FOID app. on 12/08/2008 and the check was cashed on 12/10/2008. Here it is 2/16/2009 and I don’t have my card!? I sent in another letter requesting some response, and nothing from that either. What should I do now?

  • jarrod

    my friend and i sent are apps in on the same day he got his back in 4 weeks which his was issued on 12/1/08 mine however is still not here good game ISP

  • Jim

    I worked for the ISP for 25yrs. Their motto is Integrety, Service, & Pride. I think that has to be changed due to the lack of all three in their FOID section. I am waiting for my renewal. My check cleared the bank on Jan 12th. I have been attempting to call them for over 3 hours and the phone is always busy. It is going to be interesting if someone gets arrested for possessing firearms w/o a valid FOID Card while they are waiting over 30 days for the State to issue a card.

  • Tom

    Day 40 now, going to call my representative tomorrow to get the ball rolling and complain about this issue. Time to fight back!

  • Tom

    Day 43 now. Sent a fax to my state representative outlining the details of my application, check cashing and the issues with the ISP and their delay. So far, my representative (Mark Walker) has not responded to me nor do I have my card yet. Shock and surprise! Next week, I will fax my state rep (another Democrat) as well as a down-state Republican (if I can find one) to start working on the ISP’s issue. Start putting the heat on your elected official – only way to get this solved!!

  • Tom

    WOW! Just got it in the mail today. Guess either that the ISP is improving or my Rep got in touch with them and expedited it. 43 days – still too long but an improvement over what other posters experienced.

  • Denny

    82 days still no card, what a bunch of B.S. tired of the whole stupid game. wonder if every truck driver took 82 days to deliver their loads, what a mess this counrty would be in. Denny

  • mike rich

    i sent my foid app. in 130 days ago i forgot to check the us cit. box so they sent it back i checked the box and sent it back 60 days ago i have called them 463 times and got through 3 times they said they lost my app. they put me through to the superviser and she was busy she said she would call me back 3 times never did i am 40 yrs old im sure they no i am a us cit.i thank this is bull [unnecessary profanity redacted]

  • Nathan

    Sent mine in on December 4, 2008, check was cashed on Dec. 10th, and finally got my card just today, February 25th. 83 days to be exact, how ridiculous!! Best of luck to the rest of you guys, hope you get yours quicker than I did

  • Tom

    I got a call today from State Rep. Mark Walker’s office in reaction to the letter I sent (see above). She said that she talked to the ISP rep and they would rush my application through (I already had my card at the time I received this phone call). In my letter I had asked Rep. Walker to look into the whole issue with the delay. The story the person gave was similar to what we all knew “very busy…understaffed, etc.” I pressed the Representative’s office about how the law was being broken by the ISP and she said that concerned the representative as well. I asked if it would be acceptable if *I* broke the law like this by not paying my taxes on time, “you know, ‘busy…understaffed and all'” and she laughed saying that she agreed it seemed one-sided and that the representative would be following up later in the year. My point to all readers is that as soon as your application status goes over 30 days, you should send a letter to your State Senator and/or Represetative pointing
    out the Illinois statute with the 30-day time frame and this website and put the heat on them for answers. If enough people do this, we might actually get some change that is obviously needed.

  • Jim

    I did finally receive my FOID card 43 days after they cashed my check. Maybe they are feeling the Heat!

  • Joe

    My wife sent her application in around Christmas
    check was cashed on Jan.2. I called my Rep Larry Bomke on Feb.9 and told them calling isp phone # was a joke. Within 15 min I got a call back and and was told your Wife’s card should be there soon, card came on the 12th.
    I on the other hand am still waiting because I filed an appeal and what a suprise I called ISP at 10:15 this morning and it was answered on the first ring and actually talked to a person and was told an appeals specialist just picked up a stack of apps this morning should hear something in 30 day’s :(
    Oh well maybe that Quinn is in and Blogo is gone They are taking care of the squeaky wheel.

  • Tara

    I am so glad for the this website. I just called the State Police to find out where my FOID card was and they gave the standard we are short staffed. My next phone call is to my state reps.

  • Tara

    Update to my first post. I just talked to my State Senator’s office and she said that they are extremly backed up because of the administration change in the White House. The State Polie Capt. told the Senator’s office that they have added 8 staff memebers to process the cards and that cards are produced off site, which could explain some of the problems. I have also contacted the NRA to alert them to the issues in IL. I was told that my application was being pulled to become a priority, we shall see.

  • Mike Hall

    I sent my application in on the 6th of January and it’s now the 2nd of March. Haven’t got anything back yet, so I’m going to give them a call. Wish me luck

  • Mike Hall

    Just got off the phone with the ISP and they told me to wait two more weeks. Guess I’ll just keep breaking the law by owning firearms without a FOID card a little longer. Thank u ISP you’re awsome!!!!

  • Ryan

    I finally got someone to answer the phone at the FOID office. After 4 days of calling, mostly busy signals, and sometimes an automated message, i got through, and told the lady that i was checking on an application i sent in December. She told me that they were just working on November, and had just barely started December! (It’s March!) Its been 64 days since they cashed my check, and she told me I’d have to wait another 3 weeks! Meanwhile, I lost over a thousand dollars in electronics, when i became victim to a burglary, in a fairly nice neighborhood. Thankfully i wasnt there, thankfully it wasnt a violent crime. Crime does happen, and it happens when you least expect it.

  • Mike Hall

    Day 41 since the cashed my check and no good news so far.

  • Rick G

    My check was cashed 1/27. Having been aware of this site and the comments, I called customer service on 3/4 (36 days)to get the ball rolling. Got through first try. She told me they were processing December’s apps. and I should wait a couple more weeks. (If they are still doing December’s it stands to reason I’ll be waiting another 30 days.) After I got off the phone I fired off a letter to my representative. I pointed out to her that that the state is violating its own laws and the second amendment of the federal constitution and that the state may find itself on the receiving end of a civil suit if someone’s family gets harmed as a result of it.

    41 days so far. I should be at the range right now practicing with my new firearm. These laws only hurt law abiding citizens. Criminals don’t apply for FOID cards and don’t buy their guns at gun shops.

  • Andrew

    Here’s what I sent to my State Reps. feel free to use it if would would like to.

    I applied for my FOID card renewal on INPUT DATE, and my check cleared on INPUT DATE. I am asking for your help on speeding up this process. My current card expires shortly and by law if I do not have my card in my possession by then I can/will be charged with a felony if I do not remove my guns from my home. I also believe that by law the State is to issue an approval or denial within 30 days of receiving the application. I understand that there may be an overwhelming amount of applications at this time, but I don’t want to be charged if the State of Illinois is unable to efficiently process these cards in order to follow their own laws. I have taken great pains to make sure I follow the law regarding the FOID card, and would appreciate the State doing the same.

    Thank you!
    Respectfully Yours
    FOID Card #
    Drivers License #

  • 1che

    Check cashed January 7th today is March 11 thats 63 days… I called this morning and spoke to a woman who told me 2 more weeks. I told her state law advised 30 days she advised if I get caught by police with a gun in my home or anywhere I will face felony charges because my renewal has been approved but not issued. I told her I hope that happens because thats cause for a civil lawsuit. I followed all rules and renewed my card in time before expiration. Is it my fault it takes the state longer than 30 days to process a renewal that I had to pay 10 bucks for when its my constitutional right to possess a firearm. The state shouldnt make laws they cant keep. Its not the gun owners problem the state can’t process request. She said to blame it on Blago….I wanted to reach through the phone and smack her.

  • Mike Hall

    It’s been 48 days since my check was cashed and the lady told me on Tuesday that they were through January 13th, and now they are 56 days behind instead of 60. Looks like they are slowly making progress

  • Andrew

    I was talking with my dad last night and told him about the FOID card issue and he said he sent his in a few days after me and received his in 7 days. Someone explain that to me.

  • Mike Hall

    andrew i dont know wuts up.. if it was me i’d be really pissed if i were u just contact who ever u can to help and hope for the best. I’ve been waiting 50 days now and this is crap if i dont get anything monday i’m goin all out i may even call shrock or however u spell his name but as of right now i’m drunk and i’m pissed and i was hoping to buy my wife a shotgun for her b-day on the 11th but no…. the ISP dont know what 30 days mean…. good luck and if anyone has anything to say about my drunk rambling about this they can contact me at

  • Dan

    everyone having problems getting your FOID – CONTACT YOUR LOCAL STATE REP. I sent my application end of Jan, check was cashed 2/4; I contacted my rep last week, her office took care of everything and said I should get my card this week – I will post again when I finally receive it.

  • Tom McCoy

    My wife sent in her renewal Dec. 13 check cashed Jan.2 no card yet cant get through on the ISP number. Calling my rep. tomro. My company that i work for has down sized twice we still have to make on time deliveries or we
    get penalized maybe the ISP should too.
    P.S. This year will go down in history,for the first time a civilized nation has complete gun registration ,our streets will be safer , our police more efficiant and the world will follow our lead into the future.
    Adolf Hitler 1935

  • Mike Hall

    day 52ish and it finally came

  • Jamie

    Mike, glad you finally got your card. :)

    BTW, I’d be careful about “typing while intoxicated”, lol. 😉 But I certainly don’t blame you for being upset. 😛

    Tom, scary Hitler quote. Bleah. Really afraid that’s where we’re headed.

    Why oh why are we doomed to repeat history?

    Makes me think of the whole Battlestar Galactica thing where the prophetic Cylon base ship “drivers” keep saying how “all this has happened before and will happen again”. Ok, ok, yes, I’m a hopeless geek. 😉

    Oh, and let me say again that I am SO glad I don’t live in Illinois.

  • Rick G

    Update: 50 days, still no card. It has been two weeks since I wrote my representative. No answer from her either. For anyone interested, her name is Patricia Bellock, Rep. for the 47th District. Judy Biggert and Dick Durbin manage to reply to my letters. She has the equivalent of a few TOWNS constituency and can't break away from her pressing duties to send a form email. No vote for her ever again and I'll send a contribution to her strongest opponent next cycle.

    Today I'm going to call my senator.

    I may as well go stand on a street corner in the city. I'd probably have my gun in 2 hours.

  • Ryan

    81 days since my check was cashed. I called yesterday, had a guy take my name, and info, so he could “check into it” and call me back. He was very nice, and i couldn’t help but feel bad for the guys in the FOID office. He told me they had 60,000 apps since the first of the year. (I sent mine in december)
    He did call me back, and told me to wait 2-3 more weeks. (That’s what they told me 2 weeks ago!)

  • Matt

    Been waiting for my card since Nov. 2008. They lost my first card in the mail…and told me I would get the new one ASAP. Now when I call they just tell me to keep waiting…I wish there were someone else I could talk to….6 months! It’s getting ridiculous.

  • Rick G

    I received my card the day of my last post here, 3/19, 51 days after check cashed (1/27). I don’t know if writing my rep. was any help as I’m still waiting for her response. But it was two weeks after my call to FOID as they told me on the phone. I credit them for that much.

    It appears that they are catching up a little. It also seems to help to call them and then contact your rep. after the 30 days.

    Good luck to the rest of you who are still waiting. Keep the faith, it will come.

  • joe

    what we should be doing instead of ending delays is ending the foid program. it is a burdensome process that hinders our Creator given right to self defense affirmed in the Constitution's Second Amendment. this burden is also applied through taxes on firearms and ammunition and reloading supplies. this is unconstitutional! arms, in the basest and most general context and meaning is "weapons and supplies for those weapons."

    theere is a provision t orepeal the FOID and it is high time it is done. all of our insf is already in the states database. the state issues ids and dl'salready. the only reason there should be a foid issued is to a politician to track them.

  • joe

    sorry some mispellings on the previous post. the FOID and taxes are a great way for politicians to subvert the constitution. Illinois gun owners know we live in a police state as only the ISP can give us the FOID. now i have a bunch of police friends as i used to be sworn, but it is not the business of police to be granting rights and freedoms. What is with the "rifle, shotgun or pistol?" questions when you buy ammo now? talk about the laws of not computerizing gun registeries. these are pumped into the computer at point of sale…

  • tom McCoy

    Called my Rep. on mon.the 16. Got the FOID card on the 20th. something worked. My Rep. Mr. Roger Eddy really seems to try to work for the down state people and will continue to recieve my vote as long as works for the PEOPLE the way he has so far.

  • Dan

    Hey everyone…as promised by Rep. Deb Mell's office, my FOID card arrived today, within the 10 day time-frame they gave after I got them involved, and 47 day total duration by ISP from the date the check was cashed.

  • Nicholas Eckermann

    Hello, I do know if anyone can help me with this but, I applied for my FOID on the 2/6. Called a few days ago and they said that put it in the system on the 19th. Today I received a letter in the mail asking for certified court records which document the disposition of the charges. When I was 17 I was arrested for burglary when I was blacked out drunk. I believe it was dropped to a mistermeaner and I had probation. Will I not be able to get a card because of this? It was over 10 years ago. ps I don't drink anymore :) 5 years and counting. If there is something I can do please let me know.

  • kevin

    Finally out of the Army and back home. I go to use my FOID card I got back 99 and realize they forgot to put my picture in it. So for ten dollars I got a useless card. I was told I would have to send in another application and ten dollars. My check was cashed March 4th, so I called today and they told me they are still working on Feb. and that it is going to be another 30 days.

  • Ryan

    106 days since they cashed my check. I called again last week, and they said my application had finally started the process, and was being delayed because of my previous name. (I was adopted) The people in the ISP office are so nice i can't help but feel bad for them. I hope they can get a budet for a few more people in their office if its going to take this long.

    Yes, its been 106 days so far. Still waiting….

  • Mike Hall

    i feel bad for people that this is taking so long for. It took me like 52 days to get mine and i know i was upset. Couldnt imagine waiting over 100 days. Just wondering if any on else is havin problems finding ammunition, or if its just an area shortage.

  • jesy

    I mailed out my application on 10/14/08 and they cashed my check on 10/20/08, as of 04/17/09 I haven’t received anything from them. I dialed the 217-782-7980
    several times and nobody never answers the phone.

  • Tanida

    I mailed out my FOID application on 12/12/08 via Priority Mail. My check was cashed on 12/14/08. I JUST received my FOID card on 4/17/09. I had followed the typical protocol, waited the 30 day period and tried in vain to contact the ISP office in Springfield. For three days I was constantly getting a busy signal, and that was while attempting to reach their office 3 times each day. Finally, out of frustration I contacted my district representative and worked with his legislative aide who got through to the office and was told that my FOID card was processed and would be mailed out the first week of April. After that first week and still no card, I had to contact the aide again, who also had to reach out to ISP and find out what the delay was.

  • Ryan

    I finally got it!!! 111 days from the day my check cashed to the day I got it. Over the 111 days i got through on the phone 3 times. They were always very polite, and very helpful. Thank you to the people in the FOID office. And thanks to the guy who put up this website.

    A thought occurred to me though….

    If they have a big backlog of applications now, when we all go to renew in ten years, wont there be a big backlog of renewal applications then? Hopefully, I wont still be in Illinois then.

  • Chuck

    I mailed my app on April 3rd. I got my card yesterday, April 22.

  • Dan

    After reading all of the posts during the waiting period of my FOID application I was extremely concerned that I wouldn't reveive my card before we went hunting this spring. Thankfully I have good news to report – I mailed in my application on 3/18, check was cashed on 3/23 and my FOID card arrived on 4/20. If you count the cashing of the check as the starting point, it did arrive within 30 days. For all those waiting I hope the ISP has fixed the problem. Thought I would share the good news for those of you losing hope like I was a week ago.

  • Beth

    My husband and I each sent in our applications in separate envelopes with separate checks on March 13th. Each of our checks were cashed on March 19th. He received his card the first week of April. On April 22nd I called ISP and they found my application telling me it had only been in process since March 19th. When I told them my husband already received his they told me that women's applications take longer and I should get mine card by May 22nd.

    Does anyone know why is it 30 days for men and 60 days for women?



    By law, it is no more than 30 days for everyone. The ISP are breaking the law by not issuing or denying your FOID application within 30 days.

  • Beth

    Well I finally received my FOID card on May 7th. It didn't take as long as many of the people commenting here but it seems the backlog has cleared up. Please note, though, they specifically told me it takes longer for women than for men. No explanation for this was given and I didn't push it because I didn't want to make it take even longer.

  • Tom

    I gotta vent! I sent my FOID card application February second. I contacted the state police 3 times and the instructed answer for them is ” you will receive it in 7-10 days” without any useful info. Every time I waited at least 10 days to call. I contacted Sandy Cole my state representative and she said it was expedited a week ago. The application envelope was opened and the check was cashed in February. No problem taking the money. What a major failure by the system and infringement on our civil rights. I bet you if you or I had 30 days to appear for court and we dragged it out for 13 weeks we would be picked up. There is a recession and thousands of people without work. I’m sure there would be plenty lining up to provide a service and support their families. Monday I am making more phone calls till I find out where my card is. I have been extremely polite but, am starting to lose patience. I will post when the card has arrived.

  • Paul

    In answer to “Beth”:

    ISP informed me the reason it takes longer for a female over a male is due to you girls changing your name…


    To which I replied:

    “If this were the ’60s I would probably agree, but this is 2009 and we put a man on the moon in the ’60s and now there is a rover on Mars!…UNACCEPTABLE!!!”

    This was my 3rd conversation with ISP

    My two (me and the wife) checks were cashed on 3/13/09

    I received my FOID 6 weeks later….

    When I called this past Friday on my wife’s, ISP again told me my wife’s app was “still being processed”.

    I then placed two calls:

    One to our State Senator Dan Kotowski, (message left on voicemail)….and one to our State Rep Rosemary Mulligan

    Ms. Mulligan’s aide called me within an hour of my speaking to her to inform me my wife would have her card within a week….

    Mr. Kotowsky’s aide didn’t speak with me until late in the day Friday…and I am speaking with her again on Monday…..

    Bottom line…..


  • Paul


    The ISP is even in direct violation of the FOID ACT according to their own website!

    According to the Act itself:

    “…The Department of State Police shall either approve or deny all applications within 30 days from the date they are received…”

    From the ISP website:

    “Most applications are processed within 30 days from the date your payment is processed at your financial institution.”

    Now I don’t know about you,

    but personally,

    there is a HUGE difference between something being “received” by the ISP according to State Law….

    and “from the date your payment is processed at your financial institution”, according to the ISP!

  • Tom

    I recieved my card last friday. I sent in the application 2-2-09.

  • Mike D

    I sent my application and check in on May 14th 09, recieved today, June 2 – I would say the problem is solved.



    I wouldn't be so sure about that. Just because they processed one application on time doesn't mean they are doing so for all or even most applications… In plenty of the comments above, and in emails I've gotten, people have reported getting their FOID cards on time, while many other people are being wrongfully delayed.

  • Mike Hall

    my wifes check got cashed almost 2 weeks ago lets hope she doesn't have to wait as long as i did

  • Bob

    I have been waiting for my card for a while now.I had called the number given and was told they had recieved the application 3 days ago, and that payment was accepted a few days prior to. The problem is I have a cousin that works for a state lisense service, and she took the info, took the picture, and took the money. The payment went through my bank 2 days after I applied, and more than a month ago. I am glad my money works for the State of Illinois, but am pissed that the state doesn't work for my money.

  • Ian

    Rather than increase staffing or budget, why don't they just do away with this time waster? That's the question you need to start asking your Representatives. Imagine if the ISP actually took time to investigate CRIMINALs instead of law-abiding citizens looking to go hunting or to buy a firearm for home defense against the bad guys that don't give a rip about a FOID card?

  • Arlington Heights

    I mailed my application in just about a month ago (08/03). The check was cashed the week I sent in my application (8/8/09). No card yet. Since it looks like I am the most recent applicant in this thread, Lets see how it goes. I'll post back. I'm not at all anxious but find these threads interesting and am looking to contribute.

    Post Script: I expect my application to be accepted since I am a law abiding, tax paying citizen with no criminal history. I'm 25.

    -arlington heights

  • Jason

    I have never owned a gun, but, a few friends of mine started target shooting, so, I decided I'd get into the hobby. I visited my local mom and pop gunshop on May 21st and applied there for my FOID card. It has now been over 3 MONTHS!!….NO CARD, NO DENIAL…NOTHING. I called the ISP about a month ago and got nowhere, was just told that I should receive it in a couple of weeks. Still nothing. What a joke. I am now going to contact my legislators and the ISP office again!

  • mangen

    Mailed application on Aug 14 – received card on Aug 29.

  • Dave

    I sent in my application on Aug 31st, check cleared within 10 days but no card yet after 20 days. I'll give them until the 30th before calling and nagging since they apparently say "its in the mail" regardless.

  • Anne

    Sent my app. in on Aug 3 check cleared my account on Aug 11 still waiting backround checks don't take this long. I know I do them for a company

  • Derrick

    Here we go. Mailed my application 38 days ago for renewal. Little did I know that there was an issue with the FOID process, not until I started reading this today. Ths weekend is deer season and I WILL be in the field. I have the ever ending belief that I served in the military not only to protect us from foreign enemies but domestic as well. In my belief this is the kind of thing that I swore my life to defend. Now that I am out of the military, my mindset doesn't change. If I do get into some kind of trouble with my gun in my hand and my rights at my back, well then we will just see how far into the court system WE(gun owners) can take this. An incompetent government doesn't have the right to keep me from my rights. Band together people. One person has little progress, but many have people gain leaps and bounds.

    • Brian

      Correct.. As Federal Army Officer I am required to stop the enemy of the constitution. I am in a similar situation currently and will perform military arrest if I am cited. This is not joke, and as a Federal Officer have the duty to either ask state appointed officials to either not cite law abiding individuals or in the extreme case counter cite and arrest them on the charge of Treason. This is not a laughing matter and something like this needs to be done to start to straighten out this mess of a State.

  • Derrick

    Something else that I forgot to add. They are waitng to cash checks in some cases, so by there account they aren't behind.

  • Huck

    joe says:

    March 22nd, 2009 at 8:10 am

    .what we should be doing instead of ending delays is ending the foid program. it is a burdensome process that hinders our Creator given right to self defense affirmed in the Constitution’s Second Amendment. this burden is also applied through taxes on firearms and ammunition and reloading supplies. this is unconstitutional! arms, in the basest and most general context and meaning is “weapons and supplies for those weapons.”

    theere is a provision t orepeal the FOID and it is high time it is done. all of our insf is already in the states database. the state issues ids and dl’salready. the only reason there should be a foid issued is to a politician to track them.

    In the above… Joe is right… How to repeal the FOID program..

  • Eric

    does a mental health facility on the FOID app. include a rehab center???? Im worried it may

  • Sharon

    I sent my husbands renewal in over a month ago also. We have both called several times (he has used over 300 minutes just on hold). We get a recording telling you to wait for the next available “Agent”, no Agent ever answers!! I checked the bank and the check was cashed on 12/15/2009. At this rate hunting season will be over and he will still be waiting for his card. No game in my freezer!!!The phone company, the store and the goverment (ON TAXES) is the only one making money. Anyone have any answers? Also what is an “Agent” in the State Police office?

  • Sharon

    Eric, I’m sure it does. They report everything to the State.

  • Bradley

    I’m wating on my FOID card now for over 2 and a half months. I sent in the app early this year. My check was cashed on 1/11 but I still havnt heard anythign from the ISP. This is really getting out of hand. I can’t even get anyone to answer me at 217-782-7980, I just sit on hold forever and a day.

  • Chicago

    I mailed my application & check out on Thursday: April 8th 2010, the check was cashed Tuesday: April 13th 2010. Today is Saturday: May 8th 2010, still no card.

    I will wait until May 13th 2010 (30 days from when the check was cashed) to contact them if the card does not arrive.

    Will keep you all updated…..

  • Ed Scheibe

    I am a Wisconsin resident and have applied for a FOID card for working purposes in the state of Illinois. Ill State Police has denied my application for a domestic battery charge back in 1994. I was charged with it but not convicted of it. The charges were dropped to a non-criminal ordinance violation. I currently can buy, own, possess, and carry a firearm legally in Wisconsin. I have a firarms permit issued to me from the state of Wisconsin. I bought a firearm last year and went through the NICS background check and was transferred the firearm. I have presented ISP the proper ammended paperwork on the charges and they still deny issuing me a FOID card. What can I do? What avenues do I have? Who can I contact on this issue? Someone please help.

  • mike

    I applied for a replacement card on June 20. It took more than 90 days and my calling spreingfield every day for a week before I finally got an answer. 'It was held up in investigatiuons", I was told. Odd. My record is so clean it squeaks. Just anbother case of Illinois not following its own laws.

  • Ernie Mohs

    I mailed them a money order 10-30-2010, got my FOID card 11-19-2010, great job from ISP.

  • Reyes

    Mailed mine Oct. 6th. It is now Nov. 24th and I still haven't received my card. They sure did cash my check fast though. An attempt to call the office resulted in a busy signal but I'm assuming they are closed the day before Thanksgiving. I will try after the Holiday and see what answer I get.

    • Reyes

      As for an update I continued to call throughout the day and finally got it to ring. The following message only amused me: " The average wait time is 75 minutes. Please continue to hold for the next available agent. " Wow this is going to be fun!

      • Jen

        When I called last week I was greeted with our current wait time is 66 minutes. I figured I would wait since I was at work so I waited and waited and waited for 2hours and 40 minutes. Then their phone system hung up on me. Over 60 days since the check was cashed and no card. They have an inquiry form you can submit on the ISP website. Did that 3 times now and still no response. Welcome to Illinois!

    • Reyes

      Final update: After being on hold for 45 min. I was advised by the agent my application was approved. They are currently running about 45 days instead of the normal 30 days because of hunting season and minimal staffing. I should get my card soon.

    • dbhd73

      i sent for mine 48 days ago i caled them twice and got disconected ha ha they did say they wer being prosed in 30 days then i caled back yesterday and now they tell me it takes 57 days i think they make up the laws as they go and now it has ben 51 days and still no card

  • Phil

    I was told the best thing to do is send the application Return Registered Receipt
    This way after they sing for the app they have committed to the terms of the law


    It`s been 55 days and waiting crazy!

  • Grr

    I just heard it's taking 3 months and forget about calling you will get a busy signal or be on hold till they close lmao

  • Richard

    Whats going on in Springfield, I helped fill out and sent in 6 forms, 2 were my teenage daughters, 1 for my nephew, 1 for my 60 year old mother, 1 for my Uncle and my own. My 2 daughters, nephew, and mother got theirs in 2 weeks from the date the checks cashed, witch was on Nov. 18 this was their first foid card for them. Me and my uncle needed renewals and are still waiting.
    I filled out the online inquary form on Dec. 19 and havent recieved any word from them, tried to call keep getting busy signal got thru to and a recording and it said the wait would be 70 min. before i could talk to some one and i was disconnected.
    Over Christmas I was talking to another Uncle and he said he sent his and his wifes forms in and her card came in 3 weeks and he got his 3 weeks after hers.

  • dbhd73

    56 days and couting

  • Roger

    My son, my wife, and I sent ours in the same day through Gander mountain. My wife got hers in 3 weeks my son got his the 10th of Jan. and I'm still waiting. My is just a renewal I've had a FOID card since I was 15 years old now I'm 51. When I call I either get a busy signal or a recording that no one ever answers. We've tried their email system twice and so far no response from them at all.

    • Roger

      Forgot to mention we sent them in on Nov. 6th.

  • Philo312

    42 days now. FINALLY got through this morning! -at 9:01 am!! The women placed me on hold, she first said i wasn't in the system, then after a 3 min hold , she confirmed I was there …albeit with a huge backlog. It took every ounce of effort to remain calm and "politely" reminded her that she and her employers might be violating the 30 day time frame… well, she could've cared less. Her response, was, "oh well, there's nothing right now she nor anyone can do..they're simply short staffed and right now there's at least a 60 day waiting period. How the hell did she get hired???….if I ever see this thing, I'm already thinking about what will happen during renewal?? I'm a licenced USCG Master Captain and saw how the Coast Guard streamlined and brought thier app process into the 21st century which was a nice, ….can't these morons at least take notice of other such efficiences? esp. the highest taxed state in the US? I'm taking this much further and higher….

  • Shane

    I have been waiting for 41 days now. I've been calling the last 3 days and finally got past the busy signal today. On the recording it says that all FOID applications are now on a 57 day waiting period. WTF? What happened to 30 days? The recording pretty much says not to bother staying on the line if it hasn't been at least 57 days. I stayed on the line anyway and waited 10 more minutes to be hung up on. How can they take my money for the card and then not issue it? How can the line always be busy? By reading most of the comments on here it seems to be the same. Wait, wait, wait, wait, and more waiting until you become impatient and try to call. Then it's busy signal after busy signal until you finally get through just to be hung up on. It sounds like the lucky few that have reached a real person were pretty much blown off or lied to. Thanks ISP. I'm glad to see that our tax dollars are hard at work.

  • Ron Genisio

    The Illinois State Police cashed my check on 12-14-2010–it is now Feb 9th–2011 and no card yet. Repeated calls to the Springfield number have all been a busy signal—Ron

  • Rob

    I just sent in my foid application on Feb. 5 lets see what happens.

  • Rob

    Maybe the Isp are understaffed. Its not because they dont want us to have guns. They are doing as much as they can by day.

  • James

    Sent in the paperwork at the beginning of January, still nothing…. get busy signals every time I call in at ISP.

  • boudro

    just called about my foid card and they said the average time right now is 57 days to process the card

  • Dale

    Is it a misdemeanor to wait till after the card expires? Sent the renewal in 50 days before it expires now its 3 days after the expiration, what do I do with my collection of firearms (valued at over $126,000)?
    Can't buy, sell, own or transport with out a card! In deep crap now!!
    The next comment I make will be from jail!!
    Shit I hope NOT!!!

  • Andre

    I have applied for my FOID and called 30 days after the check was cashed. There was a recorded message stating due to an abundance of applications the waiting period is now "57 days". That has passed no card, called again and I constantly get a busy signal.

  • dave

    I mailed my foid card in on the 19th of oct and still nothing back. if the state of illinoins didnt have to pay for matt mitchells screw up, (fuck up) we would all not be in the battle. Most people want to think think thats it the law, and it pobably is, but they had to find something to cover matts screw up with

  • Rob

    i had no problem got it today march 2nd and sent it Feb. 5 and my check was cashed on the 13th so i got it really quick. i guess im just one of the lucky ones. good luck guys.

  • rob

    oh and the secret to getting passed that busy signal is just to keep calling and getting lucky i would say at every hour. there is a large volume of calls they deal with.

  • Tyler

    sent off for mine on feb. 24th i guess we will see how long it takes

    • Tyler

      well i got it april 6th so not to long of waiting wish you all luck

  • Mike

    So an attack is going to happen in the right place for you to get your gun and shoot the intruder?. The fact is you are more likely to shoot yourself , a family member of have that weapon used by the perpetrator. When you are faced with an intruder, your adrenaline is rushing, and you are not going to shoot like you would at the target range. Besides, unless the intruder shoots first, shooting them in defense of property is not a affirmative defense in Illinois.

    • Will

      If someone is inside your home unlawfully, you certainly DO NOT have to wait until the intruder shoots first. The threat is inherent. As far as shooting yourself, Mike, that sounds like a personal problem.

  • Jerry

    I've been trying to get mine renewed since LAST NOVEMBER. They denied it for renewal. I've had one since renewal and they came up with a bogus charge that even the Il. FBI said was bogus. I've called, emailed for the last few months and now no-one calls back nor do they answer email. I call and there's seldom a live person answers. I did get one Monday, Oct 3rd. and she was to call me back. Well, it's Oct 5th, no phone call and again all I get is answering machines.

  • jerry

    In the above post I meant to say I've had the FOID since they started and have never had any trouble getting it renewed. I worked for the sheriff's office and carried a gun. They said I had a burglary CHARGE in the 50s, untrue, they said I did time in some place no-one has ever heard of. It's crazyness at if best.

  • Anonomys

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the information I found here I was able to finally get my FOID card situation straigtened out. I was getting ticked off since I applied for my FOID card back in February 2011, recieved nothing, and finally called in to the ISP FOID Dept. in November 2011. I was able to get through finally after about a 15 min wait. They told me it was returned becuase it didn't reach me in the mail. Odd thing is they had my correct street adress so the post office refused to put it in my PO box for some lame reason. I live in a small town and they know us, not until recently did I notice I wasn't getting mail I should have been getting, and before the post office had no problem putting our street addresed mail in our PO Box. Sure was a bunch of bull my card was just sitting back at there office for nine freakin months. Oh, they got my PO box number and said they will mail it out right away. They lady at in the FOID dept. was nice and really helpful.

  • Nell

    Their website states not to even call until your check has been cleared for 30 days. $10,000/day as reported above and they can't afford enough people to handle the load?!

  • 420darkd

    I mailed my application in for another card ( Misplaced my first card) at the end of Oct. 2011 and here it is, December 13th no card. Every time I call the number, just a busy signal. This is getting to the point of beyond ridiculous. Illinois Government is just incomprehensible to me anymore. I was told by an employee at Gander Mountain in Springfield that this is how the FOID system works. When you mail your application, notice that it is being sent to a "P.O. Box." The PO Box is owned by an unknown bank in Springfield who deals with all the checks which is why your check clears the bank right away. But the the form that you filled out is sent up to Chicago for data entry which he said is understaffed. After data entry, he says that (thanks to Blagojevich) the place that actually makes the cards is outsourced to Indianapolis, Indiana. The information for the cards is driven by vehicle over to Indiana by the way. Once made in Indiana, he tells me they are driven back for one more check somewhere in Illinois and then mailed out from there.

  • Carl

    I was arrested over a year ago for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon defending my home and family.The case went to court and I was found not guilty.The arresting department told ISP that I have mental condition and domestic witch is a absolute lie, I have nothing on my record to prevent me of having my F.O.I.D . ISP then told me I need 3 letters of recommendation, a psych evaluation that is not cheap,and a letter from the arresting department . The arresting department told me when I had the rest of the letters that I needed come back and they would give me their letter,and when I came back with the letters they said they would not help me and good luck.They also came into my house took my guns & ammo and never gave me a itemized list of what they were taking. It was like having a bunch of strangers come in raid your house and leave with out saying anything.I can go more into detail with you.I would like to know what I can do,and how long before ISP can hold your card before they half to give it back.Thanks for any help

  • Ron

    I have been waiting for 43 days now, perhap they should go in alphabetical order and change expiration date.

  • Daniel V. Wilson

    I to have been waiting for my FOID card I applied in Aug. of 2011 two weeks before my 58th birthday. I called the sports store two months after I hadn't received my card . The sport store was amazed that I hadn't received it… they then gave me the telephone number to call to find out what was going on. I called for three weeks straight and every time the line was busy. So I called the store and the clerk gave me an address to write to fine out why or at least for the state to send me something I know times are hard but this is ridiculous . I see the crooks have no problem with having a gun and I know that they don't ;have a gun card At least the hard working, law abiding people of this state are applying for a card and it is the right thing to do

  • Steven B. McDonald

    As with the comments I"ve read on this site there seems to be a BIG problem with the Il.S.P. FOID system.
    I sent my the 1st. of Dec.,check went through on the 12th Dec.. I was looking forward to using a Ruger
    77-50 cal. muzzerloader a good friend gave to me 5 yrs ago to use for the late season doe only season.
    I don't shotgun hunt,but am a avid bow hunter. I take more pictures than throw arrows these days.
    which I find just as enjoyable.Anyway the state got the money for the permit and I get to tell Tim when he ask if I shot anything with the gun he gave me that thanks to the Il.S.P. i didn't get to use it.
    I think they just leave the phone off the from 8:30 to 5:00. Go figure.

  • Marmi

    My check was cashed Dec. 1, today is Jan. 26. like everyone else I just get a busy signal when I call… I know Illinois is broke, but this is clearly a profit center for them, they could afford to hire one or two more people.

  • Tom

    Check sent on 12/17 cashed on 12/27. Today the 30th day since my check has cashed and no card. Tried calling and nothing but a busy tone. Will wait till Monday 1/30 and then will call State Rep a D and State Senator a R. Hopefully one or both of them can help.

  • ajuice

    Check cleared on December 12, 2011. It is now 1/30/12 and card has still not arrived. I can not reach anyone via phone (constant busy signal) and am emailing my rep.

  • Smwr ovrhere

    I really think that there's nothing you can do. When the cops are in full power, they will dictate things the way THEY personally see fit and will ignore protests. Sorry about that but that's how it usually is in states with brutal gun legislation no matter where. When you are at the mercy of the State, it seldom listens to protests about issues like this.

  • Marmi

    The card arrived on day 60 after my check cleared.

  • Jim S.

    Sent in my renewal on 01/02/2012 my check was cashed on 01/09/2012 and today is 02/27/2012 and still no card or nor reply. Have spent hours attempting to call and it's a constant busy signal. This is not okay!!!
    Please advise.

    • Renewal

      In Michigan it takes every bit of 3-months.

  • terry

    I need some help thank's to my exwife I lost my foid card. How can I get it back or can I ever?

  • pat

    I'm in the same boat. My FOID went mia and I reapplied on 01/06. The State cashed the check on 01/10, but still no FOID card. I did get through on the phone Monday and got a recording saying the wait was now 50 days since the day the check cleared. I plan to try and call back Friday if I don't get the card tomorrow.

  • ashleyliz88

    I applied for my FOID card back In Aug. They cashed my check on 8/08/2011. I have called several times and the wait time is usually about 45 min ro an hr to even talk with someone. And they do not know where my application is, and and they are not even helpful.

    • pat

      Called the state last Wed. morning. Got through on the first try and my hold time was about 20 minutes. The lady I spoke with was very nice and told me my card had been shipped to the printer the day before. I received the card on Friday so the wait was about 51 days.

      Ashleyliz88….you might want to try talking to someone one more time and if that doesn't get anywhere, consider biting the bullet and just sending in another application.

  • Bobby

    Its been a few days since the 30 day mark and I still haven't recieved my replacement FOID card. I not only use it
    for my own firearms but its also used for part of my job.

  • Bob

    Move to Az..

  • Lisa

    I sent in my application in April, along with my 3 daughters, they received their cards within 3 weeks. My check cleared April 27, 2012. It is now June 13th, can't get thru on phone the line is always busy. Sent an email request. Hopefully I will get an answer soon. I am supposed to start safety classes in august…

  • Trent

    me and my dad sent our apps in the same day on february 12. He recieved his a few weeks later. It's now june 19 and i still have not heard a word about mine and cant get thru to them on the phone.

  • Harry Miller

    I sent my application in 70 weeks ago. I tried to call them for several days (at least 50 attempts) and the line was always busy. I filled out an e-mail form supplied by the state two weeks ago and have not received a response from them as of yet.

    • Harry Miller

      Sorry meant 70 days ago.

  • Mellee

    I sent my app in late April, the check was cashed 5/1 and I have not received my card. I'm having the same experience with no response from their web form (filled out about a month ago) and calls getting repeated busy signals or hold times from 70-100+ minutes estimated. I sat on hold for 55 minutes and never got anyone before having to hang up in my "closest" attempt to talk to someone about this yet.

  • Phyllis

    I sent my app in on 5-5-12. check was cashed on 5-11-12.. waited my 50 days to call, and waited on the phone for 52 minutes to get thru. the gentlemen said it was backlogged and i would receive it in 7-10 days. no card. after 10 days I have tried calling and only gotten busy signal til today.everytime I have tried today it tells me the call has failed and I know it isn't my phone. they sure didnt hesitate to take my money and they shouldn't be able to cash the check until the app is processed.
    oh yeah, I also emailed them and no reply 5 weeks later.

    • Matthew R. Kucera

      looks like they arent understaffed as far as cashing checks goes… lickity split.. maybe with all that money theyre cashing they can hire some more people to do the checks or send out cards or whatever it is they even do.. or they can just acknowledge the bill of rights and fuck the fuck off…

  • kevin

    same here, been 50 days and nothing. not going to waste my time calling after reading what all of you have gone through

  • John

    I sent my app in on 5-26-12. check was cashed on 6-14-12. waited my 50 days to call, they said it was backlogged and I would receive it in 7-10 days. no card. after 10 days I also have tried calling again and only get a busy signal. Inquiring about the status of your FOID application via ISP website is a joke. They do not reply. The state of IL. is quick to take your money and they shouldn't be able to cash the check until the application is processed.

  • Bill

    I sent in my application the week of June 16th. I started calling after 50 days. I waited on hold an hour and 10 minutes without someone picking up the phone. I finally called the deputy director's office to complain. A nice woman transferred me directly to the admin assistant for the firearms division who said my application would be delayed "for a while". I am on day 60 without my card and without my 2nd amendment rights being fulfilled. I sent a letter to my state rep and state senator and I'm awaiting a response.

  • Rob Miller

    Applied for FOID card on June 28th/ It is Sept 10th and no card. My check was cashed a 2 weeks after application. I cannot get anybody to answer that phone. It is always busy. My wife applied 3 weeks after me and received her FOID over a month ago. I am a USMC from first Gulf war and this is a blatant violation of my rights!

  • kevin

    90 days now and still no card

  • kevin

    Got my card today. well actually the fools sent me someone elses card, do you believe their incompetance. wonder if i will now wait
    another 3 months for the right one.

  • Larry

    Applied 6/18/12 and check posted to my account on 6/21/12. Wow! – Didn't take long to take my money, I'm still waiting for my card and today is 9/18/12. Great way to treat the citizens of Illinois.

  • William

    I applied 6/24/2012. The Money order has been cashed. Coming up on 90 days. There is no immediate threat to my safety, though my security is running a bit thin. I have no plans to purchase a gun any time soon, I just wanted the card.

  • matt

    Mailed my application out on July 6 2012 my check was cashed on july 13 2012 still no card. it is now Sep.22 10 weeks and still waiting.

  • dale

    Sent my renewal in July 20th, today is September 24, no card yet but my check was cashed over 60 days ago.

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  • Louis

    They cashed my check on 8/10/12. Today is 10/18/12 and still no card. Submitted online inquiry a couple weeks ago, no response. Given the comments on this page, not even going to bother calling, as I do not have an hour plus to wait on the phone. Ran into my former State Representative (got drawn out of his district) yesterday at a meeting and gave him some of my information so that he could inquire about it. The State of IL is ridiculous.

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  • Steve

    They cashed my check 2 months ago on 8/22/12. Everytime I try calling all I get is a busy signa. Used the online inquiry form about 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing. I think by the end of the week I will do as some have done and inquire again and "cc" state senator and representative"

  • Vince

    So judging by some of these posts I need to wait a while longer. My check was cashed on 10/01/012 and today is 11/01/012. checked the mail and no FOID card. So I just filled out the on-line inquirey form.

  • attorney

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  • Brian

    Sent application and check in late December, check has not been cashed yet. Not likely Il will live up to their commitment of 30 days. How about I hold my property tax check in exchange for my foid card? This state is totally mis managed.

  • Pissed

    Received my FOID card today in the mail. Sent application and check in on September 17th. That is 129 days…. I called my state senator twice to complain along the way. I thought I was being proactive in giving 90 days lead time beofre my old one expired. What a joke. This state sucks.

  • John

    I mailed my application on Dec 24th, the check was finally cashed on Jan 20th, it's now Feb 27th, I called ISP I was told it will be till April before it's mailed. So I called my Rep, he's checking on it.

    • John

      Update: As I said I called my rep on the 27th of Feb, they called me this morning and said it was cut Friday, I should have it in the mail this week. Call your rep! It works.

      • John

        Got the card in the mail on March 7th. 72 days from mailing, 6 weeks from check clearing.

  • Tom

    A little over 3 months now and still no FOID. I called and they said I should receive it in another 7 to 10 days. That will be 3 1/2 mos. to renew a FOID. I called my state rep. and they needed the number from the back of the cashed check in order to check status with the state. The problem is that I can't read the number on the back of my check, so he was unable to take any action (sure). It will only get worse. It looks like Lisa Madigan may run for governor. God help us. I hate Illinois.

    • John

      It will only get worse. It looks like Lisa Madigan may run for governor. God help us. I hate Illinois.


  • Bill

    A lawsuit was filed over this nonsense last week in Madison County. It will be interesting.

  • Bart

    I mailed my renewal in September; They cashed my check around mid-October, and I finally got my FOID around mid-January. It was at least 90 days from the time they cashed my check until I got my new FOID. A friend of mine got his in about 60 days flat somehow, even though he applied for his sometime late November.

  • JBCnIL

    I called the ISP several times this morning to find out whether my application had been received. I sent it over a month ago, and because I used a USPS money order rather than a personal check, I have no way of knowing whether it has been cashed or not. I finally got through to a representative after repeatedly getting a message that hung up on me after telling me to call back later. The woman told me that my application has not been entered, and that the current FOID processing time is over four months! She recommended calling back next month to inquire again regarding the status :(

    • JBCnIL

      UPDATE: After two months with no information about the status of my application, I contacted my state senator, and although I was not optimistic, I received a response within one day stating that his office had contacted the ISP on my behalf. Five days later, I received a second email from a legislative assistant stating the following: “The Illinois State Police informs us that your FOID card was made on April 8th. You should receive it in 7-10 days.” Three days later, I received my card in the mail. Thank you to the creator of the website! I would not have thought to contact my state senator had I not discovered this article, and would likely have waited at least another month for my card.

  • Citizen against the FSA

    I am telling you, don’t even waste your time calling the state. The person I talked to a couple months ago was quite possibly the rudest, most condescending “customer service” rep I have ever talked to. The fact she was even employed there was a testament to the dedication and attitude of the ISP towards the FOID program. Do some research and look up how much the FOID officials that work there are making every year. It is truly staggering to see the salaries they are making while being so inefficient and blatantly violating state law with no regard or remorse whatsoever. Call your state rep. My rep went to bat with the state and within 7 days I had my renewal card (and that was in the middle of all this panic). Oh and right before I talked to my rep the first time the ISP told me it would be another 60-90 days (it had already been over 40). I would be very nice respectful the first time I talked to them, but if they refuse to help I would make it be known that how ridiculous and unconstitutional this has has become and that you are quickly becoming a single issue voter 😉

  • will

    I applied Jan. 1st of this year, it is now April 1st and no sign of my card either, getting really upset about it, gonna try that number and see what happens.

    • will

      just a message, then tells me to call back and hangs up on me.

      • will

        called my state rep, they took my info and got a call the next day, my card was cut and in the mail, it took 3.5 months to get my card, as of 4-11-13

  • Charro1

    I sent my Foid Card Renew App in on February 5th 2013 , I Emailed ISP & Never got a Response & Now Its April 3rd 2013 . Then I called Them & Never Got an Answer & I hung on The Phone for an Hour . When I first checked on The Foid Card Status They said on The State Website that The Process Time was Only 30 Days , When I called Them The Second Time I got an Automated Voicemail Message saying The Process Time was now 60 days . I’ve had a Illinois State Foid Card ever since 1984 & I’ve Never Experienced This Kind of Problem Before ?

    I’m Seriously Considering Moving Out of Illinois State & Moving Elsewhere , Illinois State has had Its share or Problems & Trouble before but This is just plain stupid shit & its easy to fix …

  • Rod

    today is april 7,2013….i sent my application and money on December 10,2012,still have not heard a freakin word on mine….it was just a renewall,i`ve had a foid card for 30 years,what`s up?I don`t know how to find out anything!!!

  • Duke

    Sent in a renewal in Jan 2013 still have heard nothing. Sent an email March 10 and received no answer
    What is going on?

  • charro1

    I’m tired of all of The B.S. In Illinois with The Higher & Higher Taxes & Now The Foid Card Delay ,
    Well I Signed All of My Weapons over to a Family Member & As soon as I can I’m Moving Out of Illinois & once I’m Settled In I will have Them All Transferred to me there …

  • Garuda1

    Convicted of battery in 1995 but denied do to ISP stating the battery was of a domestic nature. Bull in my opinion. Black and white…a battery is a battery…a domestic battery is a domestic battery…Were they wrong or right in denying my application?

  • firsttimer

    I mailed my application off the first week of January,my check had been cleared by the first of February. I waited till the 10th of April to call isp,I sat on the phone over 4 hours and all they had to say was just wait. I began calling state representative kirk and emailing everyone I could think of.even channel 4 news but nothing turned up. Early last week (4/15) I received a phone call from a lady in mark kirks office. She conformed my date of birth and my address and assured me that she was goin to call isp liaison on my behalf and have my card expedited. I assumed I would get it that week but nothing yet.
    What is the problem here? I pay my taxes and abide by all other laws,I see no reason this should take so long

  • vettech

    My fiance amd i applied formour cards on 3-16-13. Our background checks werent even started until 4-29-13. Over 1 mth after applying. I called on 5-1 and thats whem I found out that date. My fiance received his card a week later. I have yet to see mine. Ive called the ISP 3 times and am always told its “processing”. Its been 93 days since applying. I called the state rep today who called them and called me back to aay “well they do have a lot to process and they are under staffed”. I guess ill see it whenever they decide to get around to it.

  • Kixx

    Sent in renewal app on March 12. Check cashed by my bank in Chicago by March 18. It is ow July 15. No card. Two calls said in is still in process. No other information was provided, even when questioned. This is NUTS!!!! If they have this kind of delay with just the foid cards, how long will it take to get ccp? Three to five years?

  • ericpedersen

    You are paying 10 dollars and asking the State for permission to use your 2nd Amendment rights with the FOID act. No one can grant you the Bill Of Rights, no state, no person. They are inherent in all people when you enter this world. The FOID act is illegal and unconstitutional being nothing more than liberal gun control meant to inhibit law abiding citizens from utilizing their rights. A federal civil suit should be followed up for violating all of Illinois citizens Bill Of Rights.

  • ron

    I applied feb. 4, now dec. 22 calling is waist of time….the law says 30 days , my second amendment rights say don’t need. as soon as receive everything I own already boxed moving to Montana…. me. my family my guns, my business (employ 30 with half going with me)….we will all stop in front of bridge leaving @%^& Illinois and take A PISS on it.

  • ora metcalf

    I have been waiting since last January 2013, check was cashed . Was told in June when I reported a new address change was told everything was fine, call today was told it looks like it was sent, but she did not check the mailing address, said I could talk to supervior who would call me back. and also told I should reapply, why would I . I ask wait for the call back from supervior.